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My Woodsy Whimsical Wedding Part 1

My Woodsy Whimsical Wedding Part 1

Hey, my peeps! Sorry I’ve been MIA this week. A lot of work stuff has been happening that I must update you on! But before I go into any details, I have some amazing pictures to share…wedding pictures, that is! Yep, I got my wedding pictures in the mail yesterday. To say that I’m psyched is an understatement. It’s amazing how much a captured moment can bring you back to that place in time. Looking at these with Tyler was so magical and raw. I almost saw my wedding in a whole new light – that’s my wedding cake? Who are these people? What am I doing?! It’s funny what the photographer captures and what your mind captures.

Speaking of photographers, this wedding was shot by the ever so talented Hunter Leone from Three Nails Photography. I kid you not – my photographer was the first thing I ever booked. I couldn’t have made a better decision.

I hope you enjoy my wedding (part 1!) and a few of the engagement session pics…more to come tomorrow.

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