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What’s In My Hospital Bag

What’s In My Hospital Bag

  1. Cake, Cotton Candy Maternity Bra : $53 each (I purchased two, one in pink and one in nude)

You can never have enough bras! I liked how these looked and also read good reviews on them. I plan on getting more. 

2.  UGG, Birche Slipper : $80

I liked that these slippers formed to my feet (almost like socks). I’m normally a size 7 but after reading reviews about them running small, I ordered a size 8.

UPDATE: I DO NOT RECOMMEND THESE SLIPPERS. Your feet are so swollen after birth that these will not fit your foot, no matter how big of a size you order. Buy socks or large, fluffy slippers that don’t enclose your feet.

3. EOS, Mint Lip Balm : $3

I’m a lip balm addict and truly never leave the house without lip balm, so this was a must for me. I LOVE EOS products and the mint is my favorite.

4. Boppy : $30 (my cover was sold out)

Bring your Boppy to the hospital for when you breastfeed. It’s also a helpful tool for visiting guests who want to hold your new baby. 

5. Always Infinity Maxi Pads with Flex Foam : $9

I haven’t used these yet but my best friend recommended the flex foam. 

6. Gilligan & O’Malley, Nursing Cotton Cami : $20 each (I bought three, two in black, one in gray)

My best friend recommended these after having her first child. I love them because they’re affordable, readily available at any Target near you, and you can sleep in them instead of having to wear a maternity bra at night. I plan on putting nursing pads in mine.

7. Emi-Jay, Headbands and Hair Ties : $30

I have bangs, so I wanted something that would keep the hair out of my face while nursing, etc.

8. Lake Pajamas, Robe : $126

Buttery soft, high quality pajamas handmade in Savannah, Georgia

9. Athleta, Chaturanga Tight : $49

I didn’t pack these in my hospital bag but I recommend them for when you bring baby home and have healed below-the-belt. I got a pair in gray and black. I like the wide band over the belly for post partum flab 🙂

10. Goumi Mitts : $12

So they don’t scratch their little face!

11. Ezra and Eli, sweatpants :

Handmade in Nashville. I LOVE how good these feel on my body! I will be wearing sweatpants and a nursing tank home from the hospital. Order a large size in these. 

12. Kind Bars : $2.99

You can get these at Target. Bring snacks with you so you can eat whenever you’re hungry! My favorite is the peanut butter and dark chocolate Kind Bars.

13. Vitamin Water, Power C

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14. Fruit of the Loom, Boy Short Underwear : $10

Are they cute? No. But they’re practical and comfortable. That’s all you need!

15. Little Unicorn, Baby Swaddle : $16

16. Gum Cigars : $18

We were gifted these at our baby shower and I just think they’re fun!

17. Going Home Outfit : $80

Ours is from Anthropologie. I just loved the matching set!

18. A Dark Towel

For when you shower at the hospital. You’ll be bleeding a lot so a dark towel makes sense!

19. Two H&M onesies

For both nights at the hospital.

And of course, the necessities: a makeup bag, brush, hair dryer, shampoo/conditioner, toothbrush/toothpaste, iPhone charger, pillow, camera, book, car seat!

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