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Wedding Bands

Wedding Bands

Tyler and I had our first weekend as a married couple this past week. It was so enjoyable! We shopped for our honeymoon (eek- 6 days!), ate KFC from tubs and had movie marathons – a much needed, lazy weekend. I’m starting to wonder when I will gain energy and be over this wedding exhaustion! How long does it take, people!?

Now that the wedding has passed, the only things that remain are fond memories…and our wedding bands. If any of you know Tyler, he isn’t the “traditional” type. (What am I talking about? Neither am I!) He wanted his band to have meaning, and I think we found the perfect ring for him.

The bible verse most associated with weddings is 1 Corinthians 13: “Love never fails”. When people glance at Tyler’s ring, it only makes sense as to why we chose that verse because to them, it is a bible verse about love. To us, it is a memory of when it all began.

It’s a simple story, but one that will always be near and dear to us: the first time I knew I loved Tyler I had posted this exact verse on my Facebook page in hopes that he would see it. Luckily for me, he did and in return, that is when he realized he loved me back.

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It holds so much meaning for us! His ring will be a constant reminder that no matter how tough the road gets, we will always remember why we began in 2009 and that …love never fails.

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