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Sherwin Williams Peacock Blue

We’ve been in our house for almost one year; it will be one year on October 23! WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE? Every day I wake up in this house, I make my cup of coffee, sit in my favorite chair for at least an hour, and visualize what my next decor move will be. Interior decorating is my JAM. I come from a long line of women who love design: my great grandmother used to sell furniture; my grandmother had her own shop filled with antique finds, and my mom and dad taught me everything I know about decor through architecture and decorating. I grew up with my mom and her sisters getting lamps and art for Christmas, and I used to think, “How boring. That will never be me!” Oh, how the times have changed! I’d kill for a lamp and some new art! Ha!

Decorating on a budget is hard, though. I remember thinking to myself last year where my house would be at a year from now. I’m a little sad that I haven’t made much progress (with money being the biggest factor). We strive to live a life of balance and save for taxes/health insurance, vacations, dinners out, clothes, and a little home touch ups here and there. Putting money into so many different pots means only a little is left for the home. I’m happy, though! I think struggles bring out creativity, force you to see things differently and work with what you have…so I went out and bought a $50 gallon of paint from Sherwin Williams. Ohhhhh, I have major heart eyes for this teal!

I jumped back and forth between a soft mint/green/gray paint color and this slap-you-in-your-face-teal. If you know me in the least bit, it’s no surprise that I went with the punchy color. I love jewel tones!! I am so pleased with how it turned out, and it’s absolutely crazy what a can of paint can do to a home. CRAZY. I plan to add a few different shades of green in this space for contrast, which is one major reason I went with teal.

My decor goals in these next few months are 1) purchase and hang velvet, chartreuse curtains for a pop of contrast 2) coffee table 3) rattan barstools 4) a rug 5) a console table for under the TV 6) the most fun part – adding personality!

I am so excited at the direction our house is moving in, and I cannot wait to add piece by piece! Feeling super rejuvenated after this paint job. Woo Hoo!

Sherwin Williams Blue Peacock

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