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Pink Bob Haircut

Pink Bob Haircut


I’ve always loved coloring my hair but I’ve only colored the tips before. The first time was right before New Years Eve 2013 and I dyed the tips pink! The second time I used Garnier’s Color Styler (temporary) and it washed out with a few showers. This time, I went full throttle and had a professional salon dye my whole head! What a TASK!


I am naturally dark headed (the color of my eyebrows!) so Joleen at Hue Salon had to meticulously dye every root and tip of my head. After a ton of foiling (I could barely hold up my head it was so heavy!) I waited for my hair to turn blonde. It took 40 minutes! Here’s the process below:


The blonde hair was pretty cool. If I ever went that light I’d do a platinum. It really brightened up my face!

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Next was the dye. I told Joleen I wanted any type of pink besides pastel (I feel like with my skin I would look washed out with pastels??) That took another 30-40 minutes but the end result was AMAZING. I had shown her a picture of Olivia Palermo’s wavy bob and she even curled/styled it for me at the end!

Would you ever DYE your hair??

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  • You are so fabulous, it looks perfect on you! I’d love to see a shot of your face with the platinum hair! Maybe do the blonde next?

    I recently dyed my hair bright red and I lovvvvve it. I pretend to channel Christina Hendricks. 🙂

    • You are too kind!!! I should have taken a pic with the platinum but yes, maybe next time! 🙂

      Looking at your pictures i SOOO would’ve thought you were a natural redhead! Wow! You look gorgeous!!

  • Love your hair <3 I went to a salon to get my full head of hair to violet (then pink like yours eventually!) my virgin hair is much darker and longer and it took 10 hours!

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