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My Pregnancy Must-Haves

My Pregnancy Must-Haves

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Hatch Tees (One, Four, and Seven): I LOVE the way Hatch styles their clothes, but I can’t go Hatch crazy because I’ll end up spending $2,000 on maternity clothes I’ll never wear again. However, I allowed myself 3 good maternity shirts, and these are the only maternity clothes I’ll buy for baby #2. Everything else will be my pre-pregnancy size, just with a loose fit (no tight dresses or pants).  I did a bunch of Googling before settling on these tees. I just liked them SO much and nothing else online seemed to compare. I didn’t want ruching on the sides of the shirt or ruffles on the sleeves (GAP). I just wanted a  good ole, loose shirt that I could half-tuck into some pants. Ta da!

Target Joggers (Two, Five and Eight): I found these joggers while on a trip to Target and thought they’d be pretty perfect while pregnant considering the band is elastic and can grow with you! They are NO-maternity in my pre-pregnancy size (small) and I like the fit so much that I bought all 3 colors. I only hate that I’ll be my biggest in the summer months, so these might be too hot to wear by then. Either way, I get to wear them after baby so that’s a score in my book. Capsule wardrobe, here I come!

Larq Bottle (Three): This was a must for me. I am really bad about taking time to clean my water bottles and considering how much water you drink while pregnant, I wanted to know I was ingesting CLEAN water. This thing is genius and worth every penny. I drink about 5 of these a day.

Amazon body pillow (Six): I haven’t slept with this yet, but I made the mistake of not buying a pregnancy pillow with baby #1. Instead, I thought it was easier to position 5 pillows around my body every single night until I gave birth. Boy was I wrong! What a pain! This go-around, I’ve learned better and this is going to be AWESOME when the time comes that I need back and tummy support in bed.

Nipstick butter (Nine): for my breastfeeding mamas, I used Lansinoh with my first and while it worked great and did the job, I thought using a lanolin-free cream on my nipples was a better option. Calendula, marshmallow root and plantain help with healing your cracked nipples, while cocoa and shea butter conditions & protects to help stop sore nipple pain. This does not need to be washed off prior to nursing! Win, win!

Heated blanket (Ten): So, I’m a person that’s always cold. (Yes, I’ve had my thyroid checked! It’s fine!) and I tend to keep a heating pad around. It dawned on me that a heated blanket would be the BEST THING EVER and after finding this one on amazon, I can honestly say it’s one of my favorite purchases to date. I use it every night before bed when winding down to read a book (or watch a movie) and it’s just really soothing. I love it. I would buy 100 more. (p.s. you can throw it in the wash!)

Shopbop shoes (Eleven, Twelve, and Thirteen):  I wanted flats shoes that wouldn’t cause me to trip (I’m really clumsy) but also would work in the summer months and go with just about everything, and I think these three do the trick!

AE Button Down (Fourteen and Fifteen): Since I’m trying to build a capsule wardrobe this year, I figured two necessities were an oversized button down to layer with the jogger pants I purchased (or denim shorts in the summer)! I also plan on buying a few kimonos for easy, breezy summer style, paired with a ribbed tank underneath and topped with a hat. How easy is that?!

Lululemon Align 28″ (Sixteen): I searched for “Best Maternity Leggings” and my life will never be the same. Inline Mag, Cosmopolitan, Insider all say that Lululemon Align leggings are the best maternity legging out there. I didn’t understand this until I tried them on. Not only are they my pre-pregnancy size (meaning they won’t sag in the belly after I have baby #2) but they’re also BUTTER SOFT and not tight like spandex. The fabric gives. It literally becomes one with your body. I didn’t understand the Lululemon hype until I bought these. I’m a forever fan.

Stripe & Stare (Seventeen): When’s the last time you updated your panties? I’ll admit, I’m not so good at it. I can wear the same underwear for years before upgrading. I figured now was a good time to take inventory! These are SUPER soft. I love them. I have a booty, so I ordered them in a medium. I would buy these again and again (I plan on buying another pack!) FYI: Don’t forget to buy granny panties before the big *labor* day. They’re a must!

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Hanky Panky Maternity bra (Eighteen): I started leaking colostrum pretty early with my first, so I knew I needed to stock up on maternity bras pretty early on this time. I didn’t plan on this one being my ONLY maternity bra, so I thought buying something lacy and delicate would be nice. It’s a little scratchy, and I haven’t worn it all day yet, but it’s pretty and I’ll take anything that makes me look pretty when I’m as big as a beach ball. 🙂 I do have another bra in mind that I’ve read good things about. Stay tuned 🙂

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Old Navy Maternity Fitted Rib Tank (Nineteen): To layer most of my spring and summer looks, I purchased five of these maternity tanks. They’ll go under anything from kimonos and jackets and pair well with skirts. The colors I purchased were: slate, white, black, hunter and oyster pink. (Ok, I think I lied about my Hatch tees being the only maternity I buy… 🙂


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