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Muffin Pan Snack for Kids

Muffin Pan Snack for Kids

I surprised cache with this snack tin a few weeks ago at a time when he was having separation anxiety at school drop-off. It was hard to leave him when he started crying and I just wanted to wrap him in a big hug, but I made sure to let the teachers step in so I could step out. The best part about school (for me) is seeing his face light up when I pick him up! I thought it would be fun to make him feel special after school so I made him a little surprise treat with snacks sorted in a muffin tin. I’ve seen some moms do only fruits and veggies, and I’ve seen others do all sweets. We did a mix of both.

Here’s what we used:

  1. Skinny Pop Popcorn
  2. Chocolate chips
  3. Goldfish
  4. Magic Spoon cereal (love this stuff. Another post soon!)
  5. Watermelon stars
  6. Yogurt raisins
  7. Yogurt pretzels
  8. Cantaloupe balls
  9. Salty pretzels
  10. Cheese stars
  11. Graham crackers
  12. Mini marshmallows

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It was such a hit! He didn’t eat but 1/3 of it so if you have multiple kids, these snacks will go further for you! I personalized it a little bit with his favorite toys and trucks on display hauling a few snacks. This is why I love being a mama.  The holiday treats, the surprises, the cooking and the crafts. This is my kind of motherhood.

Did I leave any snack out that you think should’ve made the cut? Let me know in comments!

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