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Lucky Bug Clothing Company

Lucky Bug Clothing Company

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own and are not influenced by the company or its affiliates in any way.

This past weekend, we decided to trek home to Mississippi to spend Independence Day with family. It’s the first time for us to spend this holiday anywhere but at the beach; however, it was so nice to get out of town and leave our usual routine behind. We kicked off our shoes, went back roadin’, ate really good food, lit up the sky with fireworks and soaked up as much time with family as we could.

During our time home, we drove by this field of soybeans and I screamed, “PULL OVER!” Since we’ve started a garden in our backyard, we’ve taken a big interest in crops and growing vegetables. Knowing what goes into growing our own food and the time and love it takes, we find it fascinating to see others doing it, too. You don’t see too many crops in Florida, or at least not in our part, so the golden sun setting over this lush green field was a sight for sore eyes. And I knew that it was the perfect setting to snag a photo of Cache in this adorable vegetable onesie, sent to us by Lucky Bug Clothing Company.

Sometimes, I get really nervous teaming up with companies for fear that the product wont meet my expectations, but this company totally nailed it. Not only is their packaging eco-friendly (no plastic to be found!) but when I pulled this onesie out of the box, the fabric felt like butter! That’s the thing with online shopping: you can’t feel the true quality of a piece of clothing before you buy it, so you’ll just have to take my word for it. It’s deliciously soft, made from certified bamboo viscose jersey, and printed with non-toxic dyes, which is stretchy for growing, active babies (like mine). What’s more,┬átheir products are designed and sewn in New York under excellent working conditions, by people they actually know. Ethically made clothes? I love that.

We were also sent a matching teether that Cache has already claimed with gobs of drool. That’s what it’s made for, right?! I actually took this photo after he had been gnawing on it during a 6-hour car ride, and it looks good as new!

A huge thank you to Lucky Bug Clothing for making our babe look so dapper. And please take a second to appreciate those thigh rolls.

Check out their site for other prints (word has it that new prints are launching this fall!) If you’re feeling lucky, head on over to my instagram page and enter my giveaway to win this veggie onesie in the size of your choosing (up to 18 months), perfect for fall harvest coming up or a photo at the pumpkin patch!

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