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Home Sweet Home in Jackson, WY

Home Sweet Home in Jackson, WY

WE’RE BACK IN JACKSON HOLE! We honeymooned here last November and felt such a tug on the heart strings that we decided to visit again this year (and hope to continue to visit every year after). I’ve never been to this town during the spring, summer or fall. I’m really big on weather (i.e.: rain, snow, wind, blizzards) so I have always chosen to visit Jackson Hole when there are freezing temps outside and snow is on the ground. It’s so funny because people who live at the beach visit cold places and people who live in cold places visit the beach! In fact, as we were on the plane to Jackson Hole a family from the area mentioned how they were returning from a vacation in the Virgin Islands. See what I mean!?

Last year, we stayed at the Rustic Inn and it was nothing short of amazing but this year we wanted something a little cozier, like a stand alone cabin…and cozy is just what we got!

Check out our little home away from home! It’s so cabin chic!








View from the loft window

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View from the bathroom window

UPDATE: Here is the link to the cabin if you’re interested in renting

More pics of the week to come!

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