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First Time Home Owners!

First Time Home Owners!

Homeowners?!?!?! WOAH. Just, woah.

It feels like yesterday when we were 19 year old teenagers giddy in love with $50 in our bank account and ramen noodles in the pantry. Now we’re grown adults going on 7 years strong with a mortgage under our belt.

WOAH. Just, woah.

Life has been so good to us this year. It has literally been the best.year.ever. and I’m trying to hang on to every fuzzy feeling for as long as I can.

Last week, we signed the papers for our new house. After several hand cramps and sloppy signatures, we were given a set of keys and we waisted no time to drive out to see our very first home. Grabbing the champagne and flutes out of the car, we walked into the home hand-in-hand like wide-eyed kids on Christmas day…only this was the best Christmas present EVER. We toasted to hard work, love and happy memories and walked into every single room discussing what we wanted it to look like. It was one of those memories that won’t ever be topped. I’ll never forget how excited we were on that day.

This Thursday marks one week in our new home and I honestly still can’t believe we have a house. We wake up grinning, making each other coffee and sitting on porch to watch the rain. We sweep the floors (hardwood, OMG! An upgrade from our apartment carpet!) at least twice a day and have already potted flowers for the porch and purchased a dining table. We just love being homeowners!!!!! Our house is super empty right now. We have bedrooms that will stay empty for a while until we can afford to put beds in them! But for now, I am loving the space and know that in time it will come together.

Halloween was the first holiday we’ve spent in the home (my favorite holiday!) and while we didn’t get to deck it out like we wanted, we’re reminding ourselves that there’s always next year. Our Halloween was filled with murder shows, Domino’s pasta (seriously, try it) and cinnastix, and bubble baths with beer. We’re classy like that.

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Stay tuned for home decor and life in our new home!

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