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Eden Gardens + Matching Tattoos

Eden Gardens + Matching Tattoos


We did it! We finally got our matching tattoos! After having them designed by Betsy Dunlap and sitting on the design for 1 whole year, we finally took the plunge and DID IT. We are so smitten with the way they turned out.

Tattoos are such a cool way to express yourself and the things you’re passionate about, and this guy is my complete passion. We love travel and most importantly, each other, so we wanted something that would not only look timeless but become more meaningful in time (anniversaries!). Our tattoo’s say, “You are my greatest adventure” and they couldn’t ring more true. No matter how crazy our lives may get, the greatest thing we ever did was marry one another. It was a super romantic thing for us to do and one i’m happy to cross off my bucket list.

And if anyone tells you tattoos are painful – ours were not. Maybe our placement was a factor in that (because I DO know that other areas are painful!) but we were so shocked with how tolerable the needle was. I recommend doing it if you have your mind set on one.





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Photography by my friend, Hello Miss Lovely.

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