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DIY Painted Bottles

DIY Painted Bottles

I was recently talking to a friend about how time consuming and costly it is to furnish a house! The sad thing is that Tyler and I don’t even live in a house – we have a 783 square foot, one bedroom apartment.
I always thought that when we would move into our “home” it would be fully furnished. Boy, was I wrong! We’ve been in our pad for 6 months and we still need a coffee table, curtains in our bedroom, a side table for the couch and a credenza for the TV. Thinking back to how naive I was, I now cannot even imagine decorating a 1,500 square foot home. OMG!
Our place is coming along well, but we have to compromise in some aspects. Example: we bought the cutest bar stools recently. Having set us back $300, we are now DIY’ing other stuff cause we cannot fork out that kinda money for anything else right now. Ha! But I don’t mind the DIY 🙂
I saw painted glass bottles on Pinterest and thought this was a lovely idea for our kitchen cabinets. The cabinets don’t touch the ceiling, and I’d love to add some color to the kitchen, so we chose 5 colors that best matched our color scheme, and we went for it!
I must say that if you are thinking of doing this, I would recommend doing it OUTSIDE and over an old towel that you don’t mind getting paint on. Also, our glass bottles (below) are antique. I would recommend new bottles. Our bottles, although beautiful, had rust inside some that even paint couldn’t cover up!
What you’ll need:
Glass Bottles
A Towel

We evenly laid out our bottles and chose which color would go in what bottle.

All you do is rotate the paint inside the glass bottles. It’s that easy!

Ta- da!

If your apartment or kitchen has low ceilings, you’d be crazy not to do this. It makes such a big impression (and it makes our ceilings look much taller!)

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DISCLAIMER: DIY funded by Tyler Weir. Thank you, sweetest boy, for curing boredom by funding all of my DIY’s. You’re the greatest.

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