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What’s In My Hospital Bag

  1. Cake, Cotton Candy Maternity Bra : $53 each (I purchased two, one in pink and one in nude)

You can never have enough bras! I liked how these looked and also read good reviews on them. I plan on getting more. 

2.  UGG, Birche Slipper : $80

I liked that these slippers formed to my feet (almost like socks). I’m normally a size 7 but after reading reviews about them running small, I ordered a size 8.

UPDATE: I DO NOT RECOMMEND THESE SLIPPERS. Your feet are so swollen after birth that these will not fit your foot, no matter how big of a size you order. Buy socks or large, fluffy slippers. 

3. EOS, Mint Lip Balm : $3

I’m a lip balm addict and truly never leave the house without lip balm, so this was a must for me. I LOVE EOS products and the mint is my favorite.

4. Boppy : $30 (my cover was sold out)

Bring your Boppy to the hospital for when you breastfeed. It’s also a helpful tool for visiting guests who want to hold your new baby. 

5. Always Infinity Maxi Pads with Flex Foam : $9

I haven’t used these yet but my best friend recommended the flex foam. 

6. Gilligan & O’Malley, Nursing Cotton Cami : $20 each (I bought three, two in black, one in gray)

My best friend recommended these after having her first child. I love them because they’re affordable, readily available at any Target near you, and you can sleep in them instead of having to wear a maternity bra at night. I plan on putting nursing pads in mine.

7. Emi-Jay, Headbands and Hair Ties : $30

I have bangs, so I wanted something that would keep the hair out of my face while nursing, etc.

8. Lake Pajamas, Robe : $126

Buttery soft, high quality pajamas handmade in Savannah, Georgia

9. Athleta, Chaturanga Tight : $49

I didn’t pack these in my hospital bag but I recommend them for when you bring baby home and have healed below-the-belt. I got a pair in gray and black. I like the wide band over the belly for post partum flab 🙂

10. Goumi Mitts : $12

So they don’t scratch their little face!

11. Ezra and Eli, sweatpants :

Handmade in Nashville. I LOVE how good these feel on my body! I will be wearing sweatpants and a nursing tank home from the hospital. Order a large size in these. 

12. Kind Bars : $2.99

You can get these at Target. Bring snacks with you so you can eat whenever you’re hungry! My favorite is the peanut butter and dark chocolate Kind Bars.

13. Vitamin Water, Power C

14. Fruit of the Loom, Boy Short Underwear : $10

Are they cute? No. But they’re practical and comfortable. That’s all you need!

15. Little Unicorn, Baby Swaddle : $16

16. Gum Cigars : $18

We were gifted these at our baby shower and I just think they’re fun!

17. Going Home Outfit : $80

Ours is from Anthropologie. I just loved the matching set!

18. A Dark Towel

For when you shower at the hospital. You’ll be bleeding a lot so a dark towel makes sense!

19. Two H&M onesies

For both nights at the hospital.

And of course, the necessities: a makeup bag, brush, hair dryer, shampoo/conditioner, toothbrush/toothpaste, iPhone charger, pillow, camera, book, car seat!

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Albuquerque, New Mexico Balloon Fiesta Travel

Albuquerque balloon fiesta blog post

Man, oh man. Never did I think I would fall in love with New Mexico like I did. It wasn’t a top place on my bucket list but when our friends invited us to join them to the balloon fiesta, we had to go! Now i’m smitten and can’t wait to go back.

We started the trip driving from Santa Rosa Beach (where we live) to New Orleans (where Frontier airlines departed from). From NOLA, we touched down in Denver where we stayed the night and drove 6 hours to Albuquerque. On the way to Albuquerque, we stopped at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs Great Sand Dunes National Park. Both must do’s! If you’re in Colorado Springs, PUH-LEASE stop at this drive through taco place. It’s called Taco Express and our chicken tacos were the BEST.

A key note about Frontier Airlines: not only does this airline have affordable airfare but also BRAND NEW airplanes. This was the nicest plane i’ve ever been on. I’m talking new seats and all. Also, the customer service was incredible. I would recommend them to anyone. We originally chose to fly with them because we saved money rather than flying out in our own city and we do not regret it. I want to fly with them everywhere!!

Our AirBnb was the absolute coolest, so if you’re planning on going to Albuquerque, you must stay here! The owners are some of the nicest people and will give you all kinds of recommendations as well as fresh empanadas from a restaurant down the street. This AirBnb was by far my favorite. It had so much history and charm with lace curtains, adobe walls, creaky old floors and really neat artifacts. I would stay here again and again! Photos don’t do justice (and you’ll read that in others comments!)

If you’re attending the balloon fiesta, chances are it will be a little nippy outside. Bring a jacket and a scarf! Also, it’s smart to bring cash because a lot of the food vendors don’t take cards. In addition, bring a blanket to sit on because there aren’t many picnic tables and they get taken up quick! Lastly, the best decision of the trip was riding bikes to the fiesta. So many people arriving by car missed the Dawn Patrol (when the first set of balloons go up at sunrise) because they were sitting in traffic. We bypassed ALL of those cars because we were on bikes and we got to park right outside of the park. It was seriously epic. Reserve your bikes way ahead of time because they book up fast. And don’t forget to get your tickets online! Keep them on your phone and someone will scan them when you enter the park.

New Mexico’s terrain is easily the most beautiful i’ve seen. It definitely ties with Jackson, WY. We hiked so many places on this trip: La Luz trail and Tent Rocks are two MUST SEES. You CANNOT leave NM without hiking them both. La Luz is very exhausting, steep and challenging so bring water, food, good shoes, thick socks and a jacket for when you reach the chilly top of the mountain (9 miles). The best part is you get to reward yourself with a beer at the restaurant on the tippy top! If you’re not hiking, there is a 15 minute tram ride to the top. We tried to eat after a long, long hike, but everyone who took the tram got to the tables before us …so the most we could do is get a beer. If you want to eat at the restaurant (small menu), reserve it ahead of time!

We also visited Santa Fe (a 2 hour road trip – highly recommend) where we ate at Santa Fe Bite (seen on Food Network). Such great burgers! Also, see the vendors on the town square. And Taos was our other road trip where we sipped beers in the middle of nowhere. SO MUCH FUN!!!

Ask away if you have any questions about New Mexico (Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Taos are the three towns we visited).



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Eden Gardens + Matching Tattoos


We did it! We finally got our matching tattoos! After having them designed by Betsy Dunlap and sitting on the design for 1 whole year, we finally took the plunge and DID IT. We are so smitten with the way they turned out.

Tattoos are such a cool way to express yourself and the things you’re passionate about, and this guy is my complete passion. We love travel and most importantly, each other, so we wanted something that would not only look timeless but become more meaningful in time (anniversaries!). Our tattoo’s say, “You are my greatest adventure” and they couldn’t ring more true. No matter how crazy our lives may get, the greatest thing we ever did was marry one another. It was a super romantic thing for us to do and one i’m happy to cross off my bucket list.

And if anyone tells you tattoos are painful – ours were not. Maybe our placement was a factor in that (because I DO know that other areas are painful!) but we were so shocked with how tolerable the needle was. I recommend doing it if you have your mind set on one.







Photography by my friend, Hello Miss Lovely.