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Gift Ideas

The past few weeks for me have been filled with a lot of gifting – from a friend’s baby shower to giving hostess gifts or simply letting someone know I appreciate them, I thought it would be helpful to show you what I ended up choosing for each occasion, seeing as though I get stumped sometimes on what to give people!

Also, I’m an Anthropologie lover through and through (I worry that the term “love” doesn’t even fully explain how much I dig this store) I mean, I REALLY DIG IT, so it’s no surprise that Anthropologie is my go-to for all things gifts. They do an amazing job at carrying unique little “happies” at different price points, and I always find what I need there so a lot of my gift ideas (below) come from Anthro.
cooking basket

Our couple-best-friends so graciously threw us an intimate baby shower at their house. They hired a private chef to cook and serve just us four, and really went over the top in making the experience really special for us. Because of this, we wanted to bring something nice to say thank you! Since they cook together often, we thought it would be cute to put together a cooking basket for them. You could really have fun with this and mix up the content of the basket with a candle, a cheese board, cocktail book or shaker, cutlery, salt and pepper shakers, etc. See below for pricing breakdown.

The Forest Feast Cookbook: $35.00 @ Anthropologie

“H” Glasses: $18.00/ea @ Anthropologie

Copper Fruit Basket: $38.00 @ Anthropologie

Bonjour Dish Towel: $28.00 @ Anthropologie



We also gifted our bestie friends this herb set with the cooking basket, but it makes for a beautiful gift by itself! The herbs didn’t come with it, so if you do something similar, you’ll need to run to Lowes or Home Depot. It would also be cute to add herb markers to the pots.

Herb set: $32.00 @ Anthropologie

Rosemary, Cilantro and Oregano: $12 all together


Butter dish

My husbands side of the family threw us a co-ed baby shower cookout back at home (Mississippi), and we had 7 hostesses to buy gifts for. I needed something affordable but cute, and I fell in love with these ceramic butter dishes! We ended up wrapping each one in cellophane and tying a sprig of rosemary to the top!

Butter Dish: $24.00/ea @ Anthropologie


parasol gift

I found Parasol on instagram and FLIPPED when I saw their diaper patterns. What baby booty wouldn’t look adorable in these!? Their diapers are super absorbent, hypoallergenic, chlorine-free, fragrance-free, lotion-free and latex-free (and weren’t tested on animals!)

When we went home for our co-ed baby shower, I met up with a good friend of mine who is also pregnant (and only one week ahead of me!) She’s having a girl, so I knew “The Dream Collection” would be perfect for her sweet babe (look at those hand drawn hearts!) I also purchased 4 sets of baby wipes and stuffed it all in a diaper carrier that she had on her registry. Seen below: The Dream Collection mixed with The Delight Collection (for my boy babe!)

I love supporting a company that not only does GOOD but makes a killer product. I highly recommend them! Note: I would get a Size 2 or up. Chances are, your Mom friend will have plenty of newborn sizes, so Size 2 will last her a little longer! It also helps to play it safe in case the baby ends up being a chunk and needs a little extra wiggle room 🙂 You can see the difference in sizes below. Size 1 on the right, size 2 on the left.

2 Giant Pack of Diapers : $44.00

4 Full Sized Baby Wipes (they have travel sized wipes, too! Perfect for your diaper bag) : $ 24.00


sweetnswag shoes

Does anything make you swoon more than tiny baby shoes!!?!? It’s hard to imagine Baby Weir’s feet being this small, but LOOK HOW CUTE THESE ARE. I went with the basic colors so he can match a lot of his outfits, but I also saw a camo pair that i’m currently coveting, and it just might show up at my doorstep this week.

The team at Sweet N Swag has kindly offered The Weir House readers a coupon code! Take 15% off your order with the code theweirhouse.

Moccasins : $20.00 each



Decor DIY Life

Leif Shop Sequin Basket

I love to keep you guys updated on the things that inspire me or simply make me happy here at The Weir House, and this sequin basket is one of those things! Do you know that feeling when you come across a product that’s so “you”, there’s no doubt in your mind that you’re going to buy it? It’s like an immediate add-to-cart-and-checkout spasm, and you don’t know how you lived life before it?



This impulse purchase is quickly turning into one of my most favorite things. And there are so many ways you can utilize this basket: use it as a catch all, or do what I did and…PUT PLANTS IN IT. Right now, it’s currently sitting on a mile high stack of cookbooks with succulents spilling out of the top, and I literally cannot get over how adorable it is. It adds such a fun personality to my home.

Ok, ok. Enough rambling. Oh, and if you wanna put plants in your own basket, buy a plastic plant saucer and voila! No mess, just cute!



DIY Painted Bottles

I was recently talking to a friend about how time consuming and costly it is to furnish a house! The sad thing is that Tyler and I don’t even live in a house – we have a 783 square foot, one bedroom apartment.
I always thought that when we would move into our “home” it would be fully furnished. Boy, was I wrong! We’ve been in our pad for 6 months and we still need a coffee table, curtains in our bedroom, a side table for the couch and a credenza for the TV. Thinking back to how naive I was, I now cannot even imagine decorating a 1,500 square foot home. OMG!
Our place is coming along well, but we have to compromise in some aspects. Example: we bought the cutest bar stools recently. Having set us back $300, we are now DIY’ing other stuff cause we cannot fork out that kinda money for anything else right now. Ha! But I don’t mind the DIY 🙂
I saw painted glass bottles on Pinterest and thought this was a lovely idea for our kitchen cabinets. The cabinets don’t touch the ceiling, and I’d love to add some color to the kitchen, so we chose 5 colors that best matched our color scheme, and we went for it!
I must say that if you are thinking of doing this, I would recommend doing it OUTSIDE and over an old towel that you don’t mind getting paint on. Also, our glass bottles (below) are antique. I would recommend new bottles. Our bottles, although beautiful, had rust inside some that even paint couldn’t cover up!
What you’ll need:
Glass Bottles
A Towel

We evenly laid out our bottles and chose which color would go in what bottle.

All you do is rotate the paint inside the glass bottles. It’s that easy!

Ta- da!

If your apartment or kitchen has low ceilings, you’d be crazy not to do this. It makes such a big impression (and it makes our ceilings look much taller!)

DISCLAIMER: DIY funded by Tyler Weir. Thank you, sweetest boy, for curing boredom by funding all of my DIY’s. You’re the greatest.

Decor DIY Life

Decorating On A Budget

One way to keep your cost low when decorating is by breathing life into old things. This cupboard, for example, was my mothers when she was a newlywed, and she so graciously passed it down to me (y’all know my love for antiques!) Seeing that I’m a more colorful person, I decided to paint green stripes on the walls of the hutch. After all, paint is only temporary! 

Ps. I’m going through a green phase right now. Do you do that? You’re pulled towards a certain color for a period of time? Heellllppppp!!

Back to decorating – the hutch turned out great! Tyler and I went to Lowe’s and got a sample of paint from Pantone called Macaw Green. It’s a lovely color – not too bright, not too dark. Just right! The sample size was enough, too.

Do you have any pieces around your home that you could spruce up? Buy some painters tape, your favorite color paint (in my case – GREEN!!) and slap on some paint. I guarantee you’ll see your old piece of furniture in a new way.