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Leif Shop Sequin Basket

I love to keep you guys updated on the things that inspire me or simply make me happy here at The Weir House, and this sequin basket is one of those things! Do you know that feeling when you come across a product that’s so “you”, there’s no doubt in your mind that you’re going to buy it? It’s like an immediate add-to-cart-and-checkout spasm, and you don’t know how you lived life before it?



This impulse purchase is quickly turning into one of my most favorite things. And there are so many ways you can utilize this basket: use it as a catch all, or do what I did and…PUT PLANTS IN IT. Right now, it’s currently sitting on a mile high stack of cookbooks with succulents spilling out of the top, and I literally cannot get over how adorable it is. It adds such a fun personality to my home.

Ok, ok. Enough rambling. Oh, and if you wanna put plants in your own basket, buy a plastic plant saucer and voila! No mess, just cute!


Decor Life

Sherwin Williams Peacock Blue

We’ve been in our house for almost one year; it will be one year on October 23! WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE? Every day I wake up in this house, I make my cup of coffee, sit in my favorite chair for at least an hour, and visualize what my next decor move will be. Interior decorating is my JAM. I come from a long line of women who love design: my great grandmother used to sell furniture; my grandmother had her own shop filled with antique finds, and my mom and dad taught me everything I know about decor through architecture and decorating. I grew up with my mom and her sisters getting lamps and art for Christmas, and I used to think, “How boring. That will never be me!” Oh, how the times have changed! I’d kill for a lamp and some new art! Ha!

Decorating on a budget is hard, though. I remember thinking to myself last year where my house would be at a year from now. I’m a little sad that I haven’t made much progress (with money being the biggest factor). We strive to live a life of balance and save for taxes/health insurance, vacations, dinners out, clothes, and a little home touch ups here and there. Putting money into so many different pots means only a little is left for the home. I’m happy, though! I think struggles bring out creativity, force you to see things differently and work with what you have…so I went out and bought a $50 gallon of paint from Sherwin Williams. Ohhhhh, I have major heart eyes for this teal!

I jumped back and forth between a soft mint/green/gray paint color and this slap-you-in-your-face-teal. If you know me in the least bit, it’s no surprise that I went with the punchy color. I love jewel tones!! I am so pleased with how it turned out, and it’s absolutely crazy what a can of paint can do to a home. CRAZY. I plan to add a few different shades of green in this space for contrast, which is one major reason I went with teal.

My decor goals in these next few months are 1) purchase and hang velvet, chartreuse curtains for a pop of contrast 2) coffee table 3) rattan barstools 4) a rug 5) a console table for under the TV 6) the most fun part – adding personality!

I am so excited at the direction our house is moving in, and I cannot wait to add piece by piece! Feeling super rejuvenated after this paint job. Woo Hoo!

Sherwin Williams Blue Peacock

Decor Life

Ikea Clothing Rack

I live in an apartment, and with that comes limited space…limited closet space. Let’s be clear, here! Sure, a large kitchen would be nice, and so would a second bedroom but I’d trade both of those things for a spacious closet!

Last week, Tyler and I were spring cleaning. It was so refreshing to get rid of clothes I haven’t touched in a year! It definitely freed up space in my closet, but nowhere near enough!! That got me thinking…

I was browsing the web yesterday for “clothing racks” because I find them super charming, especially exposed in an unpredictable place like a bedroom, and I came across this clothing rack from Ikea. Practical, good looking and $9.00. SOLD! I put 2 in my cart and DONE!

These puppies came in today and I’m drooling over how much extra space i’ve gained since setting them up! I keep all of my pretty clothes on display and all of my…err…practical clothes in my closet. Who am I kidding? I don’t have practical clothes. Everything I buy either has sequins or feathers. If an outfit has both, then my day has been made!

Anyways, back to this clothing rack – best purchase ever. If you’re limited on space, I recommend you purchasing one!

All in all, I may not have a huge closet, but I have a cute space saver, and that’s pretty much the same thing. Lots more to do to the bedroom, but it’s coming along! And this orange is SO FAB in person. Thanks for stopping by!

Decor DIY Life

Decorating On A Budget

One way to keep your cost low when decorating is by breathing life into old things. This cupboard, for example, was my mothers when she was a newlywed, and she so graciously passed it down to me (y’all know my love for antiques!) Seeing that I’m a more colorful person, I decided to paint green stripes on the walls of the hutch. After all, paint is only temporary! 

Ps. I’m going through a green phase right now. Do you do that? You’re pulled towards a certain color for a period of time? Heellllppppp!!

Back to decorating – the hutch turned out great! Tyler and I went to Lowe’s and got a sample of paint from Pantone called Macaw Green. It’s a lovely color – not too bright, not too dark. Just right! The sample size was enough, too.

Do you have any pieces around your home that you could spruce up? Buy some painters tape, your favorite color paint (in my case – GREEN!!) and slap on some paint. I guarantee you’ll see your old piece of furniture in a new way.

Decor Life

Our Bedroom + Making Old Things New

I like old things…old, chippy, falling apart, barely held together type things. So when Tyler and I went shopping for home stuff, I knew the place to go – Old House Depot. I’ve blogged about this place once before, so you can only understand my obsession. 
A slew of old doors later, we found these two beauties. When I laid my eyes on them, I began to imagine where they’ve been – some 1950’s farmhouse or an old post office. That’s the thing about antiques – you pick the place, the time, the era. And we’re absolutely smitten with these!
Our bedroom is coming along wonderfully. There is still so much to add, but that’s the fun part about decorating – you’re never done! I’m thinking of adding a rug, curtains, wall decor+frames, and maybe some wallpaper. Striped duvet is from West Elm; Tassel pillows are from Anthropologie; linen bed is from a local furniture store; End table is from Anthropologie 2 years ago.
The funniest thing about these doors is that they look nothing like they did when we bought them. Keep note: when buying old doors, it takes preparation. You don’t just move them into your home. They need to be cleaned first to get rid of mold, dirt and mildew. It doesn’t take long, but here’s what you need:
  • Pour the Murphys oil into a bowl of warm water. Read the back of the label, it will tell you the oil to water ratio.
  • Dip the sponge into the bowl and start scrubbing! The dirt and mold will practically fall right off. It’s amazing how well this stuff works. No need to wear gloves. The oil has a pleasant scent.
  • Leave the doors in the sun for an hour to dry. Once they have dried, begin to scrape your door any which way you please. The toughest thing about using the scraper is knowing when to stop! Our door had a beautiful turquoise color underneath, so we scraped a good bit of paint off. 
We found these galvanized sconces (below) at Home Depot and spent about $40 for two – a great deal! To add the finishing touches, we added old fashioned light bulbs. It totally makes a difference! 
The project total:
  • Two doors priced at $85 a door = $170
  • Murphy’s Oil = $5 at the local Home Depot
  • Galvanized sconces = $40
  • Light bulbs = $16

Total: $231

Using sconces on old doors is an awesome thing for apartment living. No need to drill holes in the wall, and you can move the doors around with no problem. Good Luck!