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Pink Bob Haircut


I’ve always loved coloring my hair but I’ve only colored the tips before. The first time was right before New Years Eve 2013 and I dyed the tips pink! The second time I used Garnier’s Color Styler (temporary) and it washed out with a few showers. This time, I went full throttle and had a professional salon dye my whole head! What a TASK!


I am naturally dark headed (the color of my eyebrows!) so Joleen at Hue Salon had to meticulously dye every root and tip of my head. After a ton of foiling (I could barely hold up my head it was so heavy!) I waited for my hair to turn blonde. It took 40 minutes! Here’s the process below:


The blonde hair was pretty cool. If I ever went that light I’d do a platinum. It really brightened up my face!

Next was the dye. I told Joleen I wanted any type of pink besides pastel (I feel like with my skin I would look washed out with pastels??) That took another 30-40 minutes but the end result was AMAZING. I had shown her a picture of Olivia Palermo’s wavy bob and she even curled/styled it for me at the end!

Would you ever DYE your hair??


“They’re Real” Eyeliner by Benefit


I adore anything and everything retro. Perhaps that’s why I sell vintage clothes! I love thinking about a simpler time when women dressed up just to go grocery shopping and men always looked dapper. I’ve been on a 50’s/60’s kick lately watching movies from Mona Lisa Smile to Stepford Wives. I’m not going to lie, it makes me want to doll myself up everyday in dresses and heels, put a turkey in the oven and out comes a five course meal. Sadly, I can barely fry an egg so that’s not going to happen anytime soon. What can happen is me perfecting my retro cat eye!

I was reading Lucky magazine recently and came across an ad for an eyeliner that creates a new way to perfect a thick stroke. It’s by Benefit and its called “They’re real!” I immediately went to Ulta and picked up a tube to give it a shot at home. It has changed my life! The eyeliner has a rubber tip that creates flexibility and you twist the bottom for the eyeliner to come out of the rubber tip. What I loved most is that it’s actual eyeliner. It’s not a liquid so it doesn’t shine in photos (I hate how liquid eyeliner does that!)

There aren’t many products that you can say “changed your life” (a little exaggerated… but how else do you word it?!) I can say the foundation brush and eyebrow pencil have, and now this eyeliner tube! I’m in love! Go try it out for yourself and see what you can do! Don’t hold back!



Herbal Steam Facial

I get it so easily and carry most of it in my shoulders. Because of this, I have a headache all day long! I saw Free People’s botanical facial steam and ordered it hoping it would help me relax.
Not only is it beautiful and full of organic flowers, it has a delicious smell. Directions say to pour hot water into a bowl, put a small scoop of the blend into the hot water and put a towel over your head to create a “tent” for the steam to hover. Breathe it in for 5-15 minutes and you’re sure to feel relaxed and stress free!
Hooray for herbs!