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Apolis Global Citizen + Going Green

Apolis Global Citizen + Going Green

It was a video of a sea turtle with a straw jammed in his nose when I decided to say adios! to single-use plastic and change my carbon footprint. The Gulf of Mexico serves as my backyard and since i’ve been living in Florida, i’ve seen what harm plastic can do if you’re not careful. Not just plastic, but lack of education when it comes to how you treat the earth. So many times I hear local horror stories of dead sea turtles that wash up on shore. The diagnosis? A chair was left on the sand by some beach goers, washed out to sea, trapped and killed the sea turtle. Did you know when you’re at the beach, it’s proper to cover up your sand holes, keep them clean, dark and flat so that hatchlings can make it safely to the shore? Or that lights from gulf front homes can disturb wildlife? Most people don’t know this! I didn’t until I moved down to the coast. Education is a powerful tool!

With all that being said, I’m changing my ways! And that starts with reusable grocery bags. Americans use 100 Billion plastic bags per year that can take 400-1,000 years to decompose! Let’s stop shopping with plastic bags and start using pretty, reusable market bags! This bag I’m using (below) is from Apolis and i’m in love. They even have bags with cities printed on them (and if your lucky, your city will be on one of them!). I love the quality, texture, leather handles and especially the lined interior so it doesn’t get dirty after several uses. Just wipe and bingo! Clean as a whistle.

Change is a difficult thing and it’s tough to change something that is second nature to you (i.e. using plastic bags at the grocery store; k-cups in your Keurig; plastic water bottles, etc.) Sometimes it feels like there’s no outline and you are figuring out things alone. If you want to join me on my plastic free journey, follow and contribute to the hashtag #theweirsgobacktothebasics. We’ll keep each other accountable!

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