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Alice in Wonderland Themed Bridal Shower

Alice in Wonderland Themed Bridal Shower

Tyler and I had our last and final bridal shower this weekend hosted by my oh-so-talented grandmother/aunts. To our amazement, it was something from out of a dream. It was almost as if we had jumped into the book of Lewis Caroll and found ourselves at a tea party with Alice – mismatched china, clocks, tea and cakes; a mad hatter greeting us at the door; whimsical ribbons hanging from a chandelier.
Before the shower was planned, I was asked what I wanted the bridal shower theme to be. After being given three choices, I decided Alice in Wonderland fit me best. My reasons for loving Alice in Wonderland are not because of the elaborate costumes and wonky tea parties (although that helps), but because it’s about a girl that goes on an adventure to finding herself.
As we move forward in life we realize that our world has quite a bit of nonsense in it. Sometimes we feel lost in our own rabbit hole, but by the grace of God, our journey is far from pointless. Find who you are, what you love and where you are going. Stop doing the things that get you nowhere. And believe in what seems impossible.
My favorite quote from the book: “Actually the best gift you could have given her was a lifetime of adventures.” I firmly believe in this for my life!
To my hostesses: you have made this new journey of life a true dream for me. I am living it because of your help, and I’m so glad you’re along for the ride. Thank you for giving me something I couldn’t have dreamt up.
Readers: brace yourself. This shower is one for the books.
Above: My mother created these beautiful hostess gift arrangements filled with seasonal mums, moss and pumpkins – a perfect touch of fall! The brown and white strawberry pots are from a local artisan who hand makes the pottery. It is a Mississippi favorite. I have started a growing collection of McCarty’s Pottery and was lucky enough to receive more of his pieces at the shower thanks to a fellow bridesmaid/bff that knows me so well! 



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