Flu Post Recovery


You guys, this weekend FLEW by and let me tell you why... 

Tyler and I decided to go home for Easter and ended up staying with his parents. I did not sleep very well during our time there, and I couldn't figure out why. I always woke up with a sore throat but blamed it on allergies.

After Easter, we drove back to Florida and I did my thing at work that week, still feeling "not myself" and the slightly annoying sore throat continued to linger.

This past Wednesday I come down with a stopped up nose and begin getting body chills. 

Oh boy. The Flu. 

It COMPLETELY crept up on me! I didn't even see it coming!

By Thursday, I was shivering & rolling around in bed because of muscle pain. 

I haven't seen sunshine in 4 days!! I haven't even had coffee because I was told it's the worst thing one can drink when they have the flu (dehydration!) I'm on the tail-end of it but I feel 300 pounds heavier and so sluggish. Ugh!

But I'm back. It's been a heck of a weekend and my husband did such a great job taking care of me. Sometimes sick days make you appreciate the normal, "boring" days haha.

Thanks for all being patient. It's gonna take me a few days to get back in the groove of things but I have some really great ideas up my sleeves that I want to share with you all :)


Jeans (above) from American Eagle

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  1. Okay is that your bedroom?! It's my dream. Bright, white, and a few pops of color! And those jeans! Adorable :) so so glad you're feeling better finally!!!


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