What's it like to be married to me?

I've only been married for a little over a month now (feels like a year!) I still don't know the ropes. I can't offer you a lot of advice or give you the secret to a happy marriage because I'm still learning myself. With that being said, it's been a difficult learning process...not that there are a ton of fights or crazy instances happening every day, but the financial aspect, the responsibilities aspect are key problems that would weigh down any marriage. It's an adjustment for sure!!

Lately I've felt like I've been letting Tyler down. Example: I tend to wash clothes and let them sit in the hamper for a few days before I begin to fold them. One of Tyler's biggest pet peeves is wrinkled clothes. Often times I see him in the laundry room, sighing as he removes his clothes from the bin when I've already forgotten about them days ago. From this point, guilt sets in and I feel like the worst wife ever!! Not to mention that I'm moody, sometimes bossy and high strung. I also find myself comparing my husband to other husbands. This doesn't happen often, but when it does I get quiet and think about how I wish he would do this, or that. I hate it.

And...I've been struggling with finances lately. Don't get me wrong, we have money for fun things here and there, but I feel guilty that my paycheck is lower than Tyler's. I hate that he has to pay the bills and sometimes I can only contribute a little to them. I totally don't see a problem with husbands making more than their wives. I know scripture says "a husband is head of the wife" and he controls the finances, but I still have a hard time with this. Maybe it's modern day society telling women we can make as much money as men. I don't know? I just feel like it is my job to make as much as him if not more.

My neighbor loaned me the book above: "what's it like to be married to me". I'm not a reader, so I truly thought i'd set it aside and pick it up every now and then. After reading the first page, I was instantly hooked. It's so good! It inspires you to be a better wife. You finish the chapter with a smile on your face ready to conquer all of marriages difficulties, and I love a book that does that to me! Not to mention there are real testimonies from wives all around the world and it makes you feel human. You're not alone! Someone else forgets to fold the laundry, too!

I really recommend this book to the nearlywed, newlywed and couples that have been married for quite some time. The book provides scripture and focuses on how to be a better wife and rely on God to do it. There is no better way!

So, you heard it from me. Get. it. now.


  1. I would need this book when I am married . Books can't be wrong , right now I might need "How to get engaged" or sorta book ;)
    Noor | Noor's Place

    1. Tehee! Made me giggle :) Keep doing what you're doing girl, he will come at the perfect time!!!

  2. I just love this. Remember this though, comparing our marriages, our husband's, and ourselves to anyone will do nothing but bring us down. You're an AMAZING woman, and I know Tyler thinks he's the luckiest guy in the world to have a wife like you! :)

  3. I've been married for over a year now, and still feel like I have no idea what I am doing. I feel kinda like you do, ,I find myself judging other people's marriages and thinking they are better than mine and comparing my husbadn to others, and thats such a big NONO!!!! I think I will look into this book!


  4. Thanks for the recommendation! Sounds like a good one... She says as she stares at a hamper full of clean, dry, wrinkled clothes ;)


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