Insta Lately

Candy Cane Christmas Tree // I mean how cute is this? It may or may not look the same because candy canes may or may not have been eaten from the tree.

Cookie Assortment // because the ones in the box are prettier than the ones you could ever make.

But First, Coffee // My new table runner from Anthro packs some serious charm.

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts // I don't eat doughnuts all the time, but when I do, I prefer Krispy Kreme.

Garland // The stickiest, messiest, most difficult garland of them all. Don't try this at home. Popcorn garland is MUCH EASIER!

Pancakes // Sure, this Pinterest recipe was created for little kids but I like to spoil my groom sometimes.

Bed Sheets // I'm not a bed maker. There, I said it.


  1. I love the pancake! And that table runner is awesome. Anthro has such cute stuff!

  2. Oh my goodness your candy cane tree is just the cutest thing! And you are adorable for attempting a gum drop garland! So fun!


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