Wine Christmas Gift

When I was home for Thanksgiving, my mom and I were talking about Christmas gifts. You see, I'm usually the middle man when it comes to relaying what the family wants for Christmas. Dad wants a TV? I tell mom. Brother wants a couch? I tell parents. Mom wants a canoe? I tell dad. You get the picture. This time, mom was telling me ideas for neighbor gifts and for Tyler. Below is the idea she gave me for neighbor gifts, and I just think it is so fun!

Given to me was a rag with a sugar cookie recipe on the front. Not knowing how to properly tie the rag around the bottle, I preceded to look up a "how to" on pinterest. Seconds later: bingo! I had a uniquely wrapped gift in 5 seconds.

If you're a last minute shopper, I couldn't think of a more perfect gift. Besides, what girl doesn't want a little bit of sugar and wine?!


  1. That is so cute and very thoughtful if you put something on there that the person loves!


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