I’ve been in a funk lately

waiting until things fall into place

so that I can get moving.

…perfectly placed things.


That’s the thing about life -

nothing is perfect

And that’s a struggle for me.


I’m no good at putting feelings into words.

Most of the time I don’t.


So i’ll leave it at this: I came upon a quote that said

“you don’t have to be great to start,

but you have to start to be great.”


So i’m moving.



get out of my way.


and this coldplay song might have helped a little bit.

Ps. I kind of like writing in line breaks.

Fall Lipstick



Viva Glam is the perfect shade of red, in my opinion. It’s not a “clown” red. It’s a deep, classy red that I think would look good on all skin tones. Every gal needs their go-to red. This is mine!


I’ve wanted a deep ruby+burgundy lip for a while now and picked up this Urban Decay “shame” at Sephora. I am so in love! This lip looks perfect for glowing, winter skin and cold temps.


Rebel is a pink+plum color mix. It doesn’t do justice in this picture! It’s a gorgeous purple for fall and it’s one of my go-to’s.


“They’re Real” Eyeliner by Benefit



I adore anything and everything retro. Perhaps that’s why I sell vintage clothes! I love thinking about a simpler time when women dressed up just to go grocery shopping and men always looked dapper. I’ve been on a 50’s/60’s kick lately watching movies from Mona Lisa Smile to Stepford Wives. I’m not going to lie, it makes me want to doll myself up everyday in dresses and heels, put a turkey in the oven and out comes a five course meal. Sadly, I can barely fry an egg so that’s not going to happen anytime soon. What can happen is me perfecting my retro cat eye!

I was reading Lucky magazine recently and came across an ad for an eyeliner that creates a new way to perfect a thick stroke. It’s by Benefit and its called “They’re real!” I immediately went to Ulta and picked up a tube to give it a shot at home. It has changed my life! The eyeliner has a rubber tip that creates flexibility and you twist the bottom for the eyeliner to come out of the rubber tip. What I loved most is that it’s actual eyeliner. It’s not a liquid so it doesn’t shine in photos (I hate how liquid eyeliner does that!)

There aren’t many products that you can say “changed your life” (a little exaggerated… but how else do you word it?!) I can say the foundation brush and eyebrow pencil have, and now this eyeliner tube! I’m in love! Go try it out for yourself and see what you can do! Don’t hold back!


4 Ingredients Blueberry Cobbler









I am by no means a baker. I’m horrible at baking. Everything I make is either too sweet or not sweet enough. I just can’t seem to find the right balance! I know, I know…you totally want to make this cobbler now! Worry not, I did not create this recipe. I found it on Pinterest from and knew I could tackle a 4 ingredient cobbler. How hard can it be?! Besides baking the cobbler for 40 minutes, this recipe takes 5 minutes to prepare. If you’re in a holiday hurry or have guests arriving at your door any minute, this is your new go-to dessert! The great thing is you can add any fruit you like – apples, blackberries, raspberries.

My only recommendation is don’t add more than the recommended butter. I’m a southern gal and food can never have too much butter, but this recipe can! I learned the hard way – my cake batter did not become as crumbly as I would have liked. I had too much butter so it became more dough like. Luckily for me, it still turned out delicious and made the house smell good to boot! Enjoy!

Novella Royale + Mulberry Dreams

The Mulberry Dreams collaboration comes to an end with these Novella Royale lovelies! I was so surprised at how many different ways I could style one pant. I literally had at least 5 tops to pair with it and wanted to wear all 5! These pants are so bad ass… and did I mention they make everyone’s butt look great?


Mulberry Dreams asked me how I would style this flared pant, and I paired it with my vintage 70’s fringe zip top (coming to the shop soon!) and a vintage buckle belt my mom passed down to me. Top it off with a floppy hat (duh!) and some platforms or clogs. I can’t imagine a better pant for fall with the browns, creams and blacks. Wowza!


Novella Royale Flared Pant

Fringe top, vintage; Flared pants, Mulberry Dreams; Feather hat, Free People; Clogs, Free People; Belt, vintage.

This dress is oversized which I love. It also has a really deep v-neck (great for all you flat chesters out there – one of them being me!) Load it up with jewelry and a shag vest. Paint some daisies under your eyes while you’re at it! Add a coined headpiece for an extra bohemian look.



Dress, Mulberry Dreams; Shag vest, don’t remember! Shoes, Free People; Headpiece, Free People.

Thanks for joining along on my collaboration journey with Mulberry Dreams! And thank you, Mulberry Dreams, for having me! Dress and pants can be purchased at Mulberry Dreams in Fondren.

Fall Favorites



1. A lantern for late night campfires and s’mores – terrain

2. Over the knee socks for tall boots – free people

3. A cozy blanket for fall picnics or reading a book outside anthropologie

4. Gilded silverware for a festive Thanksgiving table – west elm

5. Plaid blazer with rhinestone collar – jcrew

6. A bow for all of my blouses – nasty gal

7. A fall dress for all of the get-togethers, duh! – topshop

8. Essie fall 2014 polish to stay on trend! – essie

9. Spicy scented candles to fill the house with fall! - bath and body works

10. Getting my belly ready for the best food of the season – amazon

Mulberry Dreams + For Love and Lemons

There’s something about autumn that makes me crave jewel tones. The crisp air and fall foliage paired with deep purples, emeralds and ruby colored hues are what dreams are made of. So when Mulberry Dreams sent me the Antigua dress by For Love and Lemons, my jewel tone dreams came true! This dress is the perfect shade of teal and accents all the right places (not to mention the back is completely sheer!) The best part is that it can easily transition into fall with tall boots and a leather jacket.


This dress can be purchased at Mulberry Dreams! Find them on Instagram @mulberrydreams.

Seasonal Fall Beer


Call me a beer connoisseur – I would choose beer over the finest of champagnes. Something about a good brew just gets me! So when breweries began releasing their seasonal beers, I jumped on board. We picked 5 seasonal beers available at your local grocery store (we got ours at Target!) and got to sippin’! Let us know if you try any. We’d love to hear your favorites!


Halloween Trail Mix

Taste-of-fallblog-2blog-3blog-4blog5trail mix

A common phrase I seem to be hearing frequently as of late, “…but it’s only September!”

Ah, fall! My favorite time of year! I start the celebration early. In fact, I almost feel as if fall is overdue since I got married last year and didn’t seem to have a fall at all! Wedding planning swallowed my pumpkin carving, apple picking, and pie baking…not this year!

What better way to start celebrating fall than by way of FOOD. This trail mix is the shiz and completely delicious: a little bit of salt (cheez it’s!) and a lotta bit of sweet. You can mix and match your own batch in any way! I wanted to add mini marshmallows but forgot to include them in my grocery basket. This would be an adorable addition to a “boo basket” or as a gift for a neighbor in a mason jar!

& I couldn’t forget my farmers market sunflowers for a rustic and homey fall tables cape! The black crows on the dining chairs are from Grandin Road.


Pepper Cotton

I love Pinterest because it introduces me to all types of people, designers, and styles that I otherwise would not find because let’s face it…we can all be a bit bias sometimes.

As I was scrolling on Pinterest the other day, my eyes were met with a fierce bolt of color. I gazed upon pins and pins of gorgeous Swarovski crystals intertwined in mesh cases and worn as necklaces and bracelets. The idea was so far fetched that I came to the conclusion that it was pure GENIUS.

Have you ever seen more beautiful jewelry in your life?!! …Oh, how I love quirky people. The coolest part about these pieces are that some of them are “themed” complete with smiley faces and popsicle baubles stuffed between rhinestones.

So. Good.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you can wipe the drool from your chin because these cost a pretty penny!! One bracelet can retail for $275.00! However, I truly believe you can’t pay a price for unique and can’t wait to get my hands on one of these. Better start saving!

Gypsy Soul Crochet Halter

I love incorporating film and digital images. More importantly, I adore film all by its little lonesome self! If I didn’t have a job that heavily relied on me touching my SLR every single day…I would permanently switch to film. I swear!
It’s difficult to make the switch, though, because my SLR is always by my side every day for work making it extremely convenient. Blah.
This weekend was a lovely one! I had my brother and his girlfriend come stay with us in Florida. Although it was short lived (our house was a halfway stop for their Disney trip) it was great to have family over. Now if only my parents would come down!!!
Tyler and I have been looking at houses recently. We’ve found a bunch that we like, we just need to get a few more things squared away before we make any initial moves! Still exciting though.
We went to our towns farmers market for the first time and loved it. I found a tent offering authentic Greek food and we bought some homemade baklava. HOMEMADE! Did you hear me? It was delightful and the people behind the booth were very kind (…and SO greek!!!!) We’ve been wanting to plan a Santorini trip for fall 2015 so this just made me really want to jump all in and get this thing planned! Any of you been to Santorini? Tips for this gal?
One of Tyler’s friends had a birthday this weekend and we joined him and a few other co-workers on the beach for drinks!! They were all the loveliest people and I look forward to getting to know them more.
Hope you guys enjoy today’s outfit post. I have a few more up my sleeve!
Jewelry: (jewelry added to the site soon)
Crochet Halter: here

Herbal Steam Facial

I get it so easily and carry most of it in my shoulders. Because of this, I have a headache all day long! I saw Free People’s botanical facial steam and ordered it hoping it would help me relax.
Not only is it beautiful and full of organic flowers, it has a delicious smell. Directions say to pour hot water into a bowl, put a small scoop of the blend into the hot water and put a towel over your head to create a “tent” for the steam to hover. Breathe it in for 5-15 minutes and you’re sure to feel relaxed and stress free!
Hooray for herbs!