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    The Pursuit of Organic / 2

    Food. It’s the fourth love of my life (behind Jesus, my husband and my kid, of course). I don’t know what it is that fascinates me about food. Maybe it’s because food is the one thing we all share in common. I mean, everyone has to eat so we might as well talk about what we’re eating, right?! It wasn’t until I was married and in my own house that I found my love of cooking. I always tell Tyler that if I could have a do-over and pick a new profession, I’d go to culinary school. So, I’m serious when I say I really, really love food.

    I’ve always had an interest in organic products but it wasn’t until I became a mom that I realized I should make a serious switch. Long story short, Cache is borderline lactose intolerant so I’ve had to give up most dairy (some things with dairy affect him, others do not). Sometimes I would slip up and put dairy in my coffee not realizing what I had just done. When it was time for his next diaper change, I would notice a bloody streak in his stool from what I ate earlier, which leads me to my next point: I saw this short video on Facebook about a family who made the switch from non-organic food to organic food. To show the massive impact it had on their diets, they took “before” and “after” urine samples. The “before” urine samples were filled with insecticides, fungicides, plant growth regulators, etc. The “after” urine samples were completely clean. If my intake of small amounts of dairy affected him that bad, what were the non-organic foods and unhealthy snacking doing to him, too?!

    Disclaimer: I’d be lying if I said all of these snacks were organic. Some aren’t. I’m working on that. My biggest interest at the moment is slowly making the switch over to organic while also eating healthy snacks along the way. This is a work in progress – always!

    Here’s what I’m eating this week:




    Nutiva O’Coconut: These are really good! They’re like little raw coconut domes. Perfect if you’ve got a sweet tooth.

    Brown Rice Cakes: I love to put organic peanut butter and bananas on these for an afternoon snack. I like them!

    Late July Organic Sea Salt and Lime Chips: Really tasty and crunchy. Now all I need is some salsa!

    Go Raw Choco Chunk Coconut Chips: Super chewy and delicious clusters of chocolate coconut. Can you tell I like coconut?

    Dang Coconut Chips: Probably my favorite snack of all time. They melt in your mouth! Yum.


    Wholesome Organic Cane Sugar: I use this in my morning coffee and it’s the only sugar I really like.

    Thrive Organic Coconut Milk: I made vegetable curry the other day and used this for the first time. Total win, win! I will be recording.

    Thrive Organic Cacao Powder: I haven’t tried this yet. Check back!

    Simply Organic Vanilla Extract: I haven’t tried this yet. Check back!


    Miso Cups: OH EM GEE. These things just saved my lunch. It’s amazing how quickly you can make a cup of miso soup and how delicious it tastes. It’s a powder that you pour into 8 oz of hot water and PRESTO: Miso in a bowl. It even has tofu and green chard pieces in it. Will be recording a hundred more packs.

    Yum Butter Peanut Butter: I haven’t tried this yet. Check back!

    Wild Pink Salmon: I haven’t tried this yet. Check back!

    Crofter’s Organic Raspberry Jam: I haven’t tried this yet. Check back!

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