Fairy Bread

I didn’t make this recipe. In fact, it’s actually been around for decades!

Since it’s the holiday season and eating extra calories is acceptable (and totally necessary) you should try this out! Fairy bread is sliced bread spread with butter (and more recently – nutella!) and topped with sprinkles! The idea came from Australia and is commonly served at birthday parties in AUS and New Zealand. How cute!

Grab your cookie cutters (festive ones are even better) and get ready for an extra dose of deliciousness!





Ranch Pumpkin Seeds


Do you save your old magazines? I do. Especially holiday ones! I was browsing through my mother-in-law’s old Halloween magazines the other day and came across a simple recipe for roasted pumpkin seeds. How simple? 3 ingredients simple!


Pour a cup of vegetable oil in a pan and toss the seeds around in the oil for about 5 minutes. From there, mix the ranch packet in the pan and pour the mixture onto parchment paper. Bake in the oven at 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes!



I can’t believe the holiday season is already here! I’m soaking up every last minute.


30 before 30

Consider this a bucket list.

30 things Tyler and I want to do before we’re old and grey – also known as 30 years old!

(just kidding…)

(but not really.)

Do you have a short term bucket list of your own? We plan on x’ing these out as we go along!




Inexpensive Thanksgiving Place Setting

Does anyone feel like fall has flown by? I mean, I was just celebrating the fact that October was here and now it’s practically November! Why!?! Fall is my most favorite time of year. I wish I could hold onto that fuzzy feeling longer!

Since Turkey day is around the corner, I wanted to create a quick and inexpensive place holder for special guests at the dinner table – oranges with clove initial. This costs around $5 to make (depending on how many oranges you buy!) I especially love it because it requires personalization. Your guests will feel extra special!

All you need for this project is cloves and 1 orange per place setting.

Inexpensive Thanksgiving Place Setting

Pierce the orange with a clove to form an initial (I did a “W” for my last name, Weir). Keep in mind the cloves have a small shell on top and they tend to break off and create a mess! I waited for a cool fall day to do this outside so I had little cleanup! Also, the cloves are sharp so get your fingers ready for some pricking! Lastly, the cloves will leave a trace of small, brown dots on your orange. This is easy to clean up with a q-tip after your initial is done! Voila – a fall place setting that not only looks beautiful but smells awesome, too!

Inexpensive Thanksgiving Place Setting

Inexpensive Thanksgiving Place Setting

Inexpensive Thanksgiving Place Setting

Inexpensive Thanksgiving Place Setting

I purchased a variety of festive ribbon at Michaels. Switch up every place setting with a different pattern for an extra quirky look!

What are your plans for Thanksgiving?