Fatty Sundays Chocolate Covered Pretzels

I've heard nothing but "Fatty Sundays" this and "Fatty Sundays" that. There is nothing that I hate more than being out of the loop, so after much instagram lusting over chocolate covered pretzels, I found their website online and was instantly smitten. 

I ordered a box of 5 white chocolate pretzels for $6.95 and anticipated the day when I'd bite into a salty pretzel followed by crunchy sprinkles! The day finally came and I totally indulged. It was difficult to eat just ONE!!!!

The great thing is they not only offer different types of chocolate but also different types of FLAVORS! I want to try the lemon cookie and peppermint crunch. 


If you're salivating, then it's time to get you a box of Fatty Sundays.

Go ahead, I won't judge.

A Giveaway with Majestical Jewelry

Head over to my instagram @kaylynweir for an Easter giveaway and a chance to win these GORRRRRGEOUS earrings from Majestical Jewelry! It's so easy to enter - tag three friends and you're DONE!! (psst. these earrings are $25! Yes, you heard me correctly!!) Now, HOP to it!

See you there!

Ikea Clothing Rack

I live in an apartment, and with that comes limited space…limited closet space. Let's be clear, here! Sure, a large kitchen would be nice, and so would a second bedroom but I'd trade both of those things for a spacious closet!

Last week, Tyler and I were spring cleaning. It was so refreshing to get rid of clothes I haven't touched in a year! It definitely freed up space in my closet, but nowhere near enough!! That got me thinking...

I was browsing the web yesterday for "clothing racks" because I find them super charming, especially exposed in an unpredictable place like a bedroom, and I came across this clothing rack from Ikea. Practical, good looking and $9.00. SOLD! I put 2 in my cart and DONE!

These puppies came in today and I'm drooling over how much extra space i've gained since setting them up! I keep all of my pretty clothes on display and all of my…err...practical clothes in my closet. Who am I kidding? I don't have practical clothes. Everything I buy either has sequins or feathers. If an outfit has both, then my day has been made!

Anyways, back to this clothing rack - best purchase ever. If you're limited on space, I recommend you purchasing one!

All in all, I may not have a huge closet, but I have a cute space saver, and that's pretty much the same thing. Lots more to do to the bedroom, but it's coming along! And this orange is SO FAB in person. Thanks for stopping by!