Post Partum: Week 2 & 3

I would love to say that raising a baby gets easier on week 2&3, but unfortunately it’s been just as hard (if not harder!) than week 1 for us. I think part of it is the lack of sleep is catching up with us in addition to experiencing new struggles. Tyler and I have jokingly admitted to each other that we’ve often forgotten what day of the week it is, which is why i’ve combined these two weeks because all of the events are literally starting to run together!

Cache has had a tough time this week with a lot of crying – more-so than last week. Sometimes, we’re up at all hours of the night finding ways to relieve him. Other nights aren’t as bad. We didn’t seem to have a problem with this during week 1, so this was a little frazzling for us! We ended up texting our parent-friends about our situation assuming he had gas, and our friends so kindly dropped of Gripe Water and Windi The Gasspasser for us. We haven’t tried the Gripe Water yet, but we are new fans of Windi! If you have a baby struggling with gas, I would highly recommend ordering a box (they are disposable and you don’t reuse them). Lubricate the stick on the end for easy insertion, and you’ll hear air come out of the other end if baby is gassy. Beware: using these made our baby poop e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e. during the process, and we were cleaning up poop for 20 minutes after (on doors, baseboards, floors, walls…you get the drill)! It’s best to put a paper towel on the end of the Windi!

We got Cache’s social security card in the mail this week. Our man is officially on the map! (FYI: you don’t have to sign the card. You can leave it blank and store it in a safe place until he can sign it. I made the mistake of signing my name on his card so I might have to ask for a new one, but I also read that doing this doesn’t invalidate the card).

One positive thing that has happened for us this week is that Cache is not feeding as often as week 1. Like I said in my week 1 blog post, breastfeeding during the Colostrum phase is SO difficult. It’s hard to see how much the baby is eating, and I feel like it takes more work for the baby to get the colostrum out. When the milk phase kicks in, there are signs he’s getting enough milk: you’ll see the milk filling up the outer edges of his mouth, he’ll take big gulps and pause to breathe, you can look at his diaper output and your breasts become extremely soft after feeds. During week 1, we were feeding every 2 hours. Now, we’re feeding every 3 hours, or 3 feedings a night (12 AM, 3 AM, 6 AM). Look at this milk drunk babe:


Cache’s umbilical cord fell off on Day 10 of this week. It makes diaper changes not as difficult which is nice. Before, we had to fold down the diaper so that it didn’t cover the belly button. Now, we can put his diapers on like regular diapers!

I have no problem admitting that I’ve grown frustrated with the baby this week. A lot of people talked us out of giving him a pacifier to avoid nipple confusion. After our pediatrician gave us the go ahead, we decided to introduce him to one to give my nipple a break! He is not really a fan of pacifiers and prefers to use the breast for soothing. My pediatrician said this is because babies know the difference between skin and plastic. With pacifiers, he spits them out (definitely zero nipple confusion). Because of this, I’m forced to use my nipple to soothe him throughout the day, sometimes every hour. If I don’t, I have no doubt that he’d cry until I caved! It’s been tiring. However, we did find a paci that he somewhat likes. We started with a Soothie and that was a no-go. We ran to Target to find another option and found the Nuk. As of right now, he prefers that over the Soothie. Don’t hesitate to try out different pacifiers for your baby. All babies are different!

Another frustration this week is that it takes sooooooooo much patience to change his diaper throughout the night. He’s a squirmer/kicker and absolutely loathes diaper changes, so putting a diaper on him at 2 AM is not my idea of a good time.

Our second pediatrician appointment was this week. Our homework from our first pediatric visit was to begin tummy time, give him Vitamin D drops, and get him back up to his birth weight. As a breastfeeding mom, you can’t help but feel responsible for his weight loss even though it’s common in the first week. I had a lot of anxiety leading up to this appointment for fear that he’d be at the same weight, and I’d have to switch to formula. When they placed him on the scale, the numbers jumped to 8 pounds, 9 ounces. WE DID IT! He gained 1 pound and 6 ounces from the last visit! I was beaming. This was music to my ears!!!

Our pediatrician warned us at our first appointment that the new-parents-giddiness would wear off and sleep deprivation would hit us soon. This appointment was total proof. We were completely drained, and she could totally tell! During our first visit, we didn’t have a lot of questions. This second visit came with a whole notepad of concerns. It’s so funny how in just one week, you begin to experience new problems that come with parenting. We asked her questions about eye drainage, rashes, spit up, bath time and if he could go to the beach with us if we dressed him appropriately (SPF 50 rash guard, hat, etc.) It was really helpful to express our concerns to her so that we could rest easy at night. During this visit, they also measured him and put together a growth chart. This growth chart helps track his progress and also puts him into percentiles, for example: his head size is in the 90th percentile, which means the size of his head is above average. Before he was even born, we knew he would have a large head (like his dad 😉 )

I began pumping this week. I actually enjoy it. It gives Tyler time to feed Cache (which he loves doing) and gives me a break. If I choose not to breastfeed him at his feeding times (6 AM, 9 AM, 12 PM, 3 PM, 6 PM, 9 PM, 12 AM, 3 AM, and so on and so forth), I’ll pump instead. I was able to get in a 3 hour nap the other day because of pumping! It was so, so nice. I also had a crack in my left nipple, and pumping has allowed me to give it time to heal. Breastfeeding this week has been pain free and so enjoyable – thanks, Medela!

Week 2 and 3 mainly comes down to one giant issue: Cache seemed colicky. I read that a colicky baby cries more than 3 hours out of the day, and Cache definitely fit that criteria! But after a lot of research and taking mental notes on what upset him and what didn’t, we realized this wasn’t because of gas. I’m truly embarrassed to say it, but we weren’t putting him on any type of schedule. We were feeding him on demand, and if he wanted to fall asleep in his rocker or during tummy time in the middle of the living room, we let him. We didn’t have a nap routine, and I think this was messing him up. We finally resorted to Moms on Call, a book (and an app) that help provide a schedule for your baby based on his age. I love the app because it notifies you when it’s time to feed him. It also maps out his nap times based on his age.


Since sticking to a schedule, he’s been WAY less fussy! Seriously though – I’m SO embarrassed that we didn’t know babies needed designated nap times and more importantly, nap spaces! We had our night time routine down to a science… but during the day, we didn’t know that he should be swaddled, white noise, crib, etc. I’ll be honest when I say that we literally have no idea what we’re doing and we’re learning as we go. There is no parenting manual! You just have to trust your gut, research, ask advice and figure out what works best for your baby’s personality.

All in all, this week was a hard week. A really hard week. A “why do people think this is fun” week. It came with a lot of learning, grace and patience. If I have any advice for my expectant mama friends, it’s this: ASK FOR HELP. It really does take a village to raise a kid. Tyler’s family came into town and stayed with us for 2 nights, and it literally couldn’t have been better timing. I NEEDED them: for a lending ear; for advice; for down time while they watched the baby. Tyler and I actually got out of the house this week for “date night” (we went down the street to a cupcakery), and although our date only lasted for about 45 minutes because we were so exhausted, it was so worth it and gave us a moment of silence to talk about life and make sure the other was doing OK.


Post Partum: Week 1

What a life changing week it has been!  We were discharged at noon on Thursday after a 2 night hospital stay. We were so antsy to get home just because a typical hospital stay involves laying in bed all day and constantly being checked by a million different nurses. After labor, you don’t feel like walking around and you’re pretty much bed ridden until you’re dismissed. Going home meant we could sleep in our own bed, eat our own food and relax in a familiar space with no interruption. FYI: I left the hospital 15 pounds lighter than I came!

After we signed a million hospital papers, we dressed baby in his homecoming outfit – a pale Easter yellow onesie and matching monogrammed bib. Tyler had the car ready to go at the front of the hospital. We packed up baby in his carseat, and I sat in the back oohing and ahhing over cheeks and toes and that newborn baby smell. I can’t believe we get to finally take him home!

Since our family lives out of state, we had them stay at our house while we were in the hospital. They also stayed at the house for our first night home, and I’m so glad they did. I remember battling with the thought of wanting to have the house to ourselves, but it was so convenient and welcoming to have my parents and grandmother there. When we pulled into the garage, everyone came out to take baby and our luggage. My mom and grandmother had cleaned and organized things around the house and there was dinner on the stove – chicken and dumplings. Mmm! What made our homecoming even more special was that it was raining outside (my favorite kind of day). It was a chance to sit back and relax in my familiar chair and be tended to, because when you’re ladybits are stitched up and your back is in pain, being tended to is so nice!

The first night with baby was rough. Since we planned on him sleeping in our room for the first 6 months, we purchased a Graco Pack-N-Play bassinet, but we ran into issues with the firmness of the mattress. When we placed him on it, he started to roll and the pad seemed too soft. Since a soft pad could lead to a higher risk of SIDS, I was really uncomfortable with the thought of him sleeping on it. We ended up removing the bassinet part on top and putting him in the playpen part below where the pad became flatter and not as squishy.

That wasn’t the only issue we ran into. We were frustrated at why we were struggling to nail down a routine with him. How hard could it be? Feed him, change him, put him to bed. Piece of cake! But looking back now, I realize that we were still learning his sleeping habits and cries – was he hungry? How did his diaper look? Maybe he’s cold/hot? And when he cried, how would we soothe him? Swing him or lay him on his stomach? On top of it all, baby crying in the middle of the night while we’re disoriented and sleepy is tough! We probably got one to two hours of sleep during our first night.

On night 2 and every night after, it began getting easier. Tyler and I started communicating better and found our groove! Tyler was in charge of diaper changes, and I was in charge of breastfeeding (of course). We don’t have Cache on a schedule. Instead, we base our schedule off of his feeding cues, so a typical night would be : baby wakes us up at 10 PM, 12 AM, 2 AM, 4 AM, 6 AM, and so on and so forth. Tyler grabs him from the bassinet and changes his diaper (sometimes we tag team it). Then, he passes off the baby to me for feeding. On night 3, we found out that breastfeeding stimulated him to poop causing Tyler to make an unnecessary second diaper change, so we swapped our routine. Tyler would hand the baby to me first. Then, I would breastfeed. Lastly, we would change his diaper. He hates diaper changes more than anything in the world, so after a diaper change, Tyler would hand him back to me to rock or soothe back to sleep. Voila! It’s all about learning the baby’s likes and dislikes. Once you figure that out, you’re good to go!


Physically this week: my body feels sore. I was expecting an achy vagina, but this is different – my entire body hurts. My back aches, and I walk around like the hunchback of Notre Dame. I read that your body is used to carrying heavy in the front and after birth, you’re having to build up different muscles again. Also, my nipples are blistered and bleeding. Breastfeeding is so painful in the first week. I cried lots of tears, but as the days go on, I can slowly feel them healing. I’ve also corrected his latch, so that helps too. Take care of your tatas! I really planned ahead with breast therapy by purchasing Neosporin (only put a small amount on your nipple after baby feeds), gel pads, lanolin creams, etc. It’s worth the investment. We met with a pediatrician in the hospital during our stay and she told us, “the first two weeks of breastfeeding are really, really difficult but if you can get through those first two weeks, it’s so worth it.” That stayed with me during all the painful nights. In my opinion, the colostrum phase is the hardest phase. My colostrum didn’t flow as freely as milk, and I remember wondering if he was getting enough to eat.

On day 3 of being home, my milk came in and it feels exactly as people describe: hard bricks!! I purchased gel packs that can be frozen or heated for soothing engorgement, and I’ve really liked these. I freeze them and it offers much relief. It’s also helpful if you massage your breasts, which they teach you in the hospital, but it’s painful sometimes. The lactation consultant taught me to play “piano keys” on my breasts to loosen up engorgement. I’ve noticed that whichever breast I choose to feed baby on gets softer after our session – a good way of knowing you’ve given your baby milk! One night, I decided to skip the left breast because it was so chapped and later it began leaking everywhere. Take it from me – if you don’t take turns for each breast, they will go crazy and leak. That milk has to have somewhere to go! Use the BabyTracker app to track diaper changes and feedings. It’s amazing!


One thing I didn’t do that I wish I had done was this week was meal prep. We were fortunate to have my family bring us lasagna and chicken and dumplings to freeze, but after those things were gone and I didn’t want to cook, we resorted to a lot of takeout, which is not a bad thing! It just would’ve been one less thing to worry about. I honestly thought I would be up for cooking but after suffering from back pain, I was not even going to attempt.

We did something really cool this week and that was ordering groceries through the Shipt app. Look it up in the app store and download it- it’s so cool! You can either choose between a monthly membership or an annual membership. Once you’ve picked your membership, it prompts you to type in your address and the app syncs that with your closest grocery store. From there, you make a grocery list and submit it where a member of Shipt will shop and deliver the groceries for you. It was amazing! We had a lot of things we needed this week like milk and fruit and breakfast foods. Neither of us felt like getting out of the house, so we submitted our list and a girl showed up at our house with a bag of groceries hours later! I’ll be doing this all month long. I highly, HIGHLY recommend.

We gave baby his first bath at our kitchen sink on the second night home. We have a Puj tub and really love it, but we were unable to use it this go around because his belly button needs to stay dry. We ended up just washing his hair and he was calm the entire time. I think he really liked it!

I also had my first shower on the second night home! I was worried about any soap burning my stitches below, but I couldn’t even tell! I had a sweet friend at work send me a lavender bath kit, so my shower was extra enjoyable with lavender soap and lotion. Spoil yourself and take it easy. You cannot fully take care of someone without taking care of yourself first! And FYI: you cannot take baths for 6 weeks after the hospital.  Your cervix is still opened and taking a bath could cause bacteria to get in it.

My bowel movement came on day 4 – WHAT A RELIEF. I’ve been taking Colace which is a stool softener recommended by the hospital. You definitely want to make sure you have something like this at home so you can use the bathroom without any pain. They did not give us any to take home since it doesn’t need a prescription and it’s over the counter. Get this ahead of time! All in all, the bowel movement wasn’t painful like I thought it would be. The Colace helped!

On day 6, my back pain went away. I woke up and did a few things around the house and noticed I wasn’t hunched over anymore. Truthfully, I think the back pain was one of the worst parts about post partum recovery, so I was extremely glad to see that my body was adapting to my new weight.

The hospital conveniently set up an appointment with our pediatrician this week, and we visited her on the last day of week 1. She checked everything on Cache from his circumcision to his heart rate, ears, and mouth and weight. When he was first born, he weighed in at 7.14 and at our appointment, he had lost weight and weighed in at 7.3. She said it was normal (but I felt a little defeated) and our goal is to get him back to his birth weight by next week’s visit. We were told to begin tummy time a few minutes a day to encourage him to begin lifting his head. She also mentioned giving him Vitamin D drops every day. Lastly, we were able to ask her any questions we had about breastfeeding, diaper changes, funny noises he makes, etc. I wasn’t excited about having to get out of the house for an appointment, but after all was said and done, it offered us relief to be able to talk to someone about all the eventful things that have taken place this week!


The best purchases I’ve made to make this week easier? Sweat pants, paper plates and cups, a diaper genie, and a plush robe. I have found that our baby loves laying on the plush robe, and I’ll rock him in it when he’s cranky. It’s almost like magic, I promise you. It really relaxes him. The diaper genie makes it easy to dispose of the millions of diapers we’ve gone through this first week. Just look at how many diapers we disposed of!


And sweatpants…well, I’ve never met a person who hates sweat pants. These three things I couldn’t imagine doing this week without!

We sent out baby announcements this week. Minted has some really cute options, including this one. We also got our stamps from them. I think they turned out so cute!


Shoutout to Parasol diapers for giving us a set of the CUTEST DIAPERS EVER. We’ve been using their diapers and wipes and they’ve totally surpassed our expectations.


Our Birth Story: Charles Cache Weir

Instead of typing out a full paged story, I decided to log a list of events and times throughout my labor so that expectant mamas can have a better idea of what goes down and when!

3:55 AM hospital check in; birth certificate questions // I had a scheduled induction, and we were told to eat a big meal before we checked into the hospital. I wasn’t allowed to eat any food during labor (with the exception of ice chips and popsicles) so our OB told us to go to Waffle House before we came, and that’s exactly what we did! We both got the all-star breakfast at 2:30 AM and chatted with the waitress about the exciting events that were about to take place. Tyler and I chose to exchange love notes in the hospital parking lot before we checked in. We talked about memories we’d made leading up to this moment and the ones we were looking forward to making. Most importantly, we promised each other that we’d always put one another first, before anyone else – including our kids. When we checked in, we signed a few papers and they began filling out information for his birth certificate. I brought the night shift nurses cupcakes as a “thank you” and I really think it went a long way. They were a big hit!


4:08 AM pee in cup, change in hospital gown // After we brought our luggage into the room, they asked me to change into my hospital gown and pee in a cup in the bathroom.

4:10-5:00 AM sign papers; 3 blood tubes, IV // Once I was changed and in bed, they went through a stack of papers, explaining the purpose of each one. The nurse took 3 tubes of blood which I was told was in case of an emergency. If I was to need a quick blood transfusion, they would already have all the information needed to get me the correct blood type, etc. I was also given an IV at this time. About 30 minutes into my IV, I had already used up the entire bag! Apparently I was very dehydrated so they gave me another IV bag.

5:15 AM checked cervix // One of my nurses came in to check my cervix. I was still 2 cm dilated (which was the same as the week before at my OB appointment) and I hadn’t made much progress as far as dilation goes, so they decided to start me on Pitocin.

5:30 AM pitocin //They started me on pitocin, and I began having very light contractions.

5:42 AM nap // The nurses told me to nap as much as possible because I would need my energy for later. I am so glad I did, because I had no idea at the time that my labor would last for 10 hours!

7:30 AM yoga pose on all fours // Surprisingly, my nurses encouraged movement during labor. They had me do certain yoga poses to get my labor progressing, ex: position my body on all fours in the bed and arch my back for 45 minutes.

8:15 AM break water // I see my OB doctor for the first time this morning. She uses a sharp tool with a hook on the end to break my water. This was super uncomfortable for me because her entire hand was in my vagina as well as the tool she was using. Supposedly, my amniotic sac was very thick, and it took a few pokes to get my water to break. The nurses commented that my amniotic fluid looked very clear and “beautiful”, whatever that means, ha! Truthfully, having my water broken was the most uncomfortable part for me. I would say it was even more uncomfortable than labor.

8:50 AM peanut ball left side // The nurse gave me a peanut shaped ball and asked me to lay on my side with my leg over it. This helped thin out my cervix.

9:45 AM rotate peanut ball to right side and change gown // My amniotic sac completely soaked my hospital gown so they had me change it. I swapped sides with the peanut ball to thin out the other side of my cervix. The nurses mentioned that I had a lot of fluid in my amniotic sac, more than average, which meant it would leak out of me for the next 3 hours. It felt like I was peeing on myself the entire time! During this process, I began to have the shakes really bad. I couldn’t sit still. I read that labor shakes are related to hormone shifts, adrenaline response and temperature. My mom put a warm blanket over me and that seemed to help.


10:20 AM sitting on medicine ball // I actually enjoyed sitting on a medicine ball, so if you have a chance to do it – do it! I was 5 cm dilated and really feeling strong contractions at this point. Humming through the contractions as well as bouncing on the ball and leaning on the bed helped me get through those contractions until the CRNA (nurse anesthetist) was available.

11 to 11:15 AM epidural // For my entire life, I’ve been led to believe that an epidural is painful. Maybe that was back in our parents time, but now they’ve perfected the whole system! The epidural is not a shot, but a catheter that is inserted into your back. I barely felt any pain other than the numbing needle which is so tiny! The whole process took about 30 minutes, and the nurse was great about walking me through what he was doing and when. At some hospitals, they ask husbands to leave the room during this process, but they let Tyler stay and simply asked him to sit opposite of my back. When the epidural juice kicked in, it felt like a warming sensation running down my legs. I’ve heard stories of it not being strong enough or women who could still move one legs. Not me – my legs were completely dead; so dead that I couldn’t even roll over in bed. I had to have help.

11:40 AM  catheter // Because the epidural numbs everything down below, the nurses will insert a catheter after, which you cannot feel at all. I was given another cervix check at this time, and the nurse said she could feel a head full of hair!

2:15 PM checked cervix // Between the hours of 11 AM and 2 PM, everything was a blur. I can’t recall much, not because of the drugs but because there was a lot going on! We had family in the room at this time, and I was constantly being checked by nurses. At 2:15, the nurse told me I was 10 cm dilated. It was almost time to push!

2:20-4:19 PM birth // During this time, nurses poured into the room bringing a table of supplies, pulling out the stirrups and turning on the table warmer where baby would get his first shots. I don’t recall being super nervous but more in a “let’s do this” mode. I’ve learned that adrenaline plays a very significant role in the labor process! Surprisingly, throughout the whole day, I felt more determination than I did nerves.

When it was time to push, I had nurses on both sides of my legs holding them onto the stirrups. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I couldn’t feel my legs to even hold them up! In the room, my mom and grandmother had a front row seat (haha) my husband was on my left and my mother-in-law was behind him. All in all, there were about 10 people in my room including family, nurses and my OB. It felt like a packed house but I didn’t care. I was ready to meet my babe!

With every contraction, I was told to push 3 times. I read that you want to push like you’re having the biggest bowel movement of your life. The only problem is you can’t feel anything below your belly button. It’s like someone numbing your arm and asking you to give them a high five. It’s a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. At first, I thought I was pushing, but the baby wasn’t making much progress. My OB was telling me to find that low spot in my vagina and not to push with my face (later I would discover broken blood vessels on my chest and face from pushing). I finally found my “low spot” and continued pushing with every contraction and in sets of 3’s. I probably pushed 20 times over the course of an hour. In my opinion, the first push is the easiest because you can work up a big breath and find the strength. But to turn right back around and push the second and third time and hold each push for 10 seconds was very difficult for me. I felt breathless, and in my head I grew frustrated and prayed during the entire process. At one point, they asked me if I wanted to watch with a mirror. I said YES, and it was the best yes I’ve ever made. I would encourage every mom to do this! It’s not a scary process like you would imagine. It’s absolutely miraculous and mind blowing.

On a Tuesday afternoon at 4:19 PM, my baby was born weighing 7 pounds, 14 ounces and 20.5 inches long. I don’t remember much after this. I was so smitten with meeting him for the first time that I didn’t even notice the “afterbirth” or getting stitches. I was told I had a natural tear and it was a 2 with 10 being the most severe. They let him lay on my chest for 15 minutes before they ran some tests on him next to my bedside.

IMG_6891 copy


It was a perfect day. I am grateful to my Lord for a healthy, happy baby.

Life Style

What’s In My Hospital Bag

  1. Cake, Cotton Candy Maternity Bra : $53 each (I purchased two, one in pink and one in nude)

You can never have enough bras! I liked how these looked and also read good reviews on them. I plan on getting more. 

2.  UGG, Birche Slipper : $80

I liked that these slippers formed to my feet (almost like socks). I’m normally a size 7 but after reading reviews about them running small, I ordered a size 8.

3. EOS, Mint Lip Balm : $3

I’m a lip balm addict and truly never leave the house without lip balm, so this was a must for me. I LOVE EOS products and the mint is my favorite.

4. Boppy : $30 (my cover was sold out)

Bring your Boppy to the hospital for when you breastfeed. It’s also a helpful tool for visiting guests who want to hold your new baby. 

5. Always Infinity Maxi Pads with Flex Foam : $9

I haven’t used these yet but my best friend recommended the flex foam. 

6. Gilligan & O’Malley, Nursing Cotton Cami : $20 each (I bought three, two in black, one in gray)

My best friend recommended these after having her first child. I love them because they’re affordable, readily available at any Target near you, and you can sleep in them instead of having to wear a maternity bra at night. I plan on putting nursing pads in mine.

7. Emi-Jay, Headbands and Hair Ties : $30

I have bangs, so I wanted something that would keep the hair out of my face while nursing, etc.

8. Lake Pajamas, Robe : $126

Buttery soft, high quality pajamas handmade in Savannah, Georgia

9. Athleta, Chaturanga Tight : $49

I didn’t pack these in my hospital bag but I recommend them for when you bring baby home and have healed below-the-belt. I got a pair in gray and black. I like the wide band over the belly for post partum flab 🙂

10. Goumi Mitts : $12

So they don’t scratch their little face!

11. Ezra and Eli, sweatpants :

Handmade in Nashville. I LOVE how good these feel on my body! I will be wearing sweatpants and a nursing tank home from the hospital. Order a large size in these. 

12. Kind Bars : $2.99

You can get these at Target. Bring snacks with you so you can eat whenever you’re hungry! My favorite is the peanut butter and dark chocolate Kind Bars.

13. Vitamin Water, Power C

14. Fruit of the Loom, Boy Short Underwear : $10

Are they cute? No. But they’re practical and comfortable. That’s all you need!

15. Little Unicorn, Baby Swaddle : $16

16. Gum Cigars : $18

We were gifted these at our baby shower and I just think they’re fun!

17. Going Home Outfit : $80

Ours is from Anthropologie. I just loved the matching set!

18. A Dark Towel

For when you shower at the hospital. You’ll be bleeding a lot so a dark towel makes sense!

19. Two H&M onesies

For both nights at the hospital.

And of course, the necessities: a makeup bag, brush, hair dryer, shampoo/conditioner, toothbrush/toothpaste, iPhone charger, pillow, camera, book, car seat!

DIY Life

Gift Ideas

The past few weeks for me have been filled with a lot of gifting – from a friend’s baby shower to giving hostess gifts or simply letting someone know I appreciate them, I thought it would be helpful to show you what I ended up choosing for each occasion, seeing as though I get stumped sometimes on what to give people!

Also, I’m an Anthropologie lover through and through (I worry that the term “love” doesn’t even fully explain how much I dig this store) I mean, I REALLY DIG IT, so it’s no surprise that Anthropologie is my go-to for all things gifts. They do an amazing job at carrying unique little “happies” at different price points, and I always find what I need there so a lot of my gift ideas (below) come from Anthro.
cooking basket

Our couple-best-friends so graciously threw us an intimate baby shower at their house. They hired a private chef to cook and serve just us four, and really went over the top in making the experience really special for us. Because of this, we wanted to bring something nice to say thank you! Since they cook together often, we thought it would be cute to put together a cooking basket for them. You could really have fun with this and mix up the content of the basket with a candle, a cheese board, cocktail book or shaker, cutlery, salt and pepper shakers, etc. See below for pricing breakdown.

The Forest Feast Cookbook: $35.00 @ Anthropologie

“H” Glasses: $18.00/ea @ Anthropologie

Copper Fruit Basket: $38.00 @ Anthropologie

Bonjour Dish Towel: $28.00 @ Anthropologie



We also gifted our bestie friends this herb set with the cooking basket, but it makes for a beautiful gift by itself! The herbs didn’t come with it, so if you do something similar, you’ll need to run to Lowes or Home Depot. It would also be cute to add herb markers to the pots.

Herb set: $32.00 @ Anthropologie

Rosemary, Cilantro and Oregano: $12 all together



Butter dish

My husbands side of the family threw us a co-ed baby shower cookout back at home (Mississippi), and we had 7 hostesses to buy gifts for. I needed something affordable but cute, and I fell in love with these ceramic butter dishes! We ended up wrapping each one in cellophane and tying a sprig of rosemary to the top!

Butter Dish: $24.00/ea @ Anthropologie


parasol gift

I found Parasol on instagram and FLIPPED when I saw their diaper patterns. What baby booty wouldn’t look adorable in these!? Their diapers are super absorbent, hypoallergenic, chlorine-free, fragrance-free, lotion-free and latex-free (and weren’t tested on animals!)

When we went home for our co-ed baby shower, I met up with a good friend of mine who is also pregnant (and only one week ahead of me!) She’s having a girl, so I knew “The Dream Collection” would be perfect for her sweet babe (look at those hand drawn hearts!) I also purchased 4 sets of baby wipes and stuffed it all in a diaper carrier that she had on her registry. Seen below: The Dream Collection mixed with The Delight Collection (for my boy babe!)

I love supporting a company that not only does GOOD but makes a killer product. I highly recommend them! Note: I would get a Size 2 or up. Chances are, your Mom friend will have plenty of newborn sizes, so Size 2 will last her a little longer! It also helps to play it safe in case the baby ends up being a chunk and needs a little extra wiggle room 🙂 You can see the difference in sizes below. Size 1 on the right, size 2 on the left.

2 Giant Pack of Diapers : $44.00

4 Full Sized Baby Wipes (they have travel sized wipes, too! Perfect for your diaper bag) : $ 24.00


sweetnswag shoes

Does anything make you swoon more than tiny baby shoes!!?!? It’s hard to imagine Baby Weir’s feet being this small, but LOOK HOW CUTE THESE ARE. I went with the basic colors so he can match a lot of his outfits, but I also saw a camo pair that i’m currently coveting, and it just might show up at my doorstep this week.

The team at Sweet N Swag has kindly offered The Weir House readers a coupon code! Take 15% off your order with the code theweirhouse.

Moccasins : $20.00 each