10 Places I'd Like to Travel, Pt 2

I have the travel bug.

…who am I kidding - I always have the travel bug! And as much as I hate flying, it never seems to hold me back because experiencing new places and meeting strangers is what I live for.

I feel so bad for Tyler because he never hears the end of it. My go-to lines: "I need a vacation" or "I need to get away" are frequently used in The Weir House.

While I don't see parting ways with work or my computer in the near future, I dream through images on Pinterest of places I want to see one day, and I love to share them with you!

Dream on!


Pepper Cotton

I love Pinterest because it introduces me to all types of people, designers, and styles that I otherwise would not find because let's face it...we can all be a bit bias sometimes. 

As I was scrolling on Pinterest the other day, my eyes were met with a fierce bolt of color. I gazed upon pins and pins of gorgeous Swarovski crystals intertwined in mesh cases and worn as necklaces and bracelets. The idea was so far fetched that I came to the conclusion that it was pure GENIUS. 

Enter Pepper Cotton

Have you ever seen more beautiful jewelry in your life?!! ...Oh, how I love quirky people. The coolest part about these pieces are that some of them are "themed" complete with smiley faces and popsicle baubles stuffed between rhinestones.

So. Good.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you can wipe the drool from your chin because these cost a pretty penny!! One bracelet can retail for $275.00! However, I truly believe you can't pay a price for unique and can't wait to get my hands on one of these. Better start saving!


Gypsy Soul Crochet Halter

I love incorporating film and digital images. More importantly, I adore film all by its little lonesome self! If I didn't have a job that heavily relied on me touching my SLR every single day…I would permanently switch to film. I swear! 
It's difficult to make the switch, though, because my SLR is always by my side every day for work making it extremely convenient. Blah.

This weekend was a lovely one! I had my brother and his girlfriend come stay with us in Florida. Although it was short lived (our house was a halfway stop for their Disney trip) it was great to have family over. Now if only my parents would come down!!!

Tyler and I have been looking at houses recently. We've found a bunch that we like, we just need to get a few more things squared away before we make any initial moves! Still exciting though.

We went to our towns farmers market for the first time and loved it. I found a tent offering authentic Greek food and we bought some homemade baklava. HOMEMADE! Did you hear me? It was delightful and the people behind the booth were very kind (...and SO greek!!!!) We've been wanting to plan a Santorini trip for fall 2015 so this just made me really want to jump all in and get this thing planned! Any of you been to Santorini? Tips for this gal?

One of Tyler's friends had a birthday this weekend and we joined him and a few other co-workers on the beach for drinks!! They were all the loveliest people and I look forward to getting to know them more.

Hope you guys enjoy today's outfit post. I have a few more up my sleeve!

Jewelry: WearWillow.com (jewelry added to the site soon)
Crochet Halter: here