A Giveaway with Majestical Jewelry

Head over to my instagram @kaylynweir for an Easter giveaway and a chance to win these GORRRRRGEOUS earrings from Majestical Jewelry! It's so easy to enter - tag three friends and you're DONE!! (psst. these earrings are $25! Yes, you heard me correctly!!) Now, HOP to it!

See you there!

Ikea Clothing Rack

I live in an apartment, and with that comes limited space…limited closet space. Let's be clear, here! Sure, a large kitchen would be nice, and so would a second bedroom but I'd trade both of those things for a spacious closet!

Last week, Tyler and I were spring cleaning. It was so refreshing to get rid of clothes I haven't touched in a year! It definitely freed up space in my closet, but nowhere near enough!! That got me thinking...

I was browsing the web yesterday for "clothing racks" because I find them super charming, especially exposed in an unpredictable place like a bedroom, and I came across this clothing rack from Ikea. Practical, good looking and $9.00. SOLD! I put 2 in my cart and DONE!

These puppies came in today and I'm drooling over how much extra space i've gained since setting them up! I keep all of my pretty clothes on display and all of my…err...practical clothes in my closet. Who am I kidding? I don't have practical clothes. Everything I buy either has sequins or feathers. If an outfit has both, then my day has been made!

Anyways, back to this clothing rack - best purchase ever. If you're limited on space, I recommend you purchasing one!

All in all, I may not have a huge closet, but I have a cute space saver, and that's pretty much the same thing. Lots more to do to the bedroom, but it's coming along! And this orange is SO FAB in person. Thanks for stopping by!

The V, Seagrove + Majestical Jewelry

I have found the cure for marriage blues!!! What are marriage blues, you ask? You know…when your marriage needs a little spark; when you need to get away from the hustle and bustle of it all; for us, most importantly, when you need time away from technology!!

So here's the cure: Tyler surprised me with a date to a restaurant both of us have never been to before. Since we've only been living in Florida for 8 months, there are still so many restaurants in our area that we haven't touched! I am a TOTAL foodie, so I love exploring the ambiance of a new restaurant and the foods they offer. This restaurant was really cool and had a great outdoor area - so great that we had to be on a waiting list just to sit outside! 

Of course, a girl get's all dressed up for a night out and my husband doesn't think to take a picture of my whole outfit. I looooveeed my balloon skirt from JCrew (enter sad face!) but at least he got a picture of my new jewels from Majestical Jewelry! You guys, I have a new obsession with this store!! Everything is so affordable, and I can't get over these gorgeous baubles around my neck! 

Fried calamari is my FAV. 

So, Tyler and I love Sangria and asked for a red wine sangria at dinner. It was delicious but had whiskey in it...Is this typical for a sangria!? We are used to wine and fruit! It was totally spiked…tasted like college (this metaphor is both good and bad)! 

We about fell off of our chairs and died when we had their beignets for dessert. After 10 minutes of giggling and moaning because the powdered sugar was SOOOOOO good and the beignets were so warm, the waiter told us the chef is from New Orleans. Go figure. 

We loved these so much we considered going and buying mix to make our own. Then, we quickly ruled out that idea because we don't know how to do that (and I'm cajun…what the!?)

 Our night ended with a gorgeous sunset above the sea! I'm telling you - a new restaurant cures the marriage blues!!

I leave you with a picture of my gorgeous jewelry from Majestical Jewelry. I just MIGHT be having a giveaway on my Instagram for these beauties THIS WEEK. Stay tunnneeddddd...