One Year Anniversary


My sweetie and I celebrate one year of marriage this weekend (Sunday). One year! Where did the time go!? I can’t believe i’m at this point in my life where I am celebrating a wedding anniversary!


anniversaryLife is so bittersweet. It moves so fast, but at the same time it’s such an adventure.  I thank God that I have found somebody who just gets me. He completes me. Without him, I am not me! How blessed am I to have somebody who brings out the “me” in ME!

In celebration of this festive occasion, I want to reflect on the milestones made from this past year – our first year as husband and wife.  There are so many little moments to reflect on but we’d be here all day so here’s the big stuff!


Happy Anniversary, my sweet! Life is so much better with you in it!



I’ve been in a funk lately

waiting until things fall into place

so that I can get moving.

…perfectly placed things.


That’s the thing about life -

nothing is perfect

And that’s a struggle for me.


I’m no good at putting feelings into words.

Most of the time I don’t.


So i’ll leave it at this: I came upon a quote that said

“you don’t have to be great to start,

but you have to start to be great.”


So i’m moving.



get out of my way.


and this coldplay song might have helped a little bit.

Ps. I kind of like writing in line breaks.


Fall Lipstick



Viva Glam is the perfect shade of red, in my opinion. It’s not a “clown” red. It’s a deep, classy red that I think would look good on all skin tones. Every gal needs their go-to red. This is mine!


I’ve wanted a deep ruby+burgundy lip for a while now and picked up this Urban Decay “shame” at Sephora. I am so in love! This lip looks perfect for glowing, winter skin and cold temps.


Rebel is a pink+plum color mix. It doesn’t do justice in this picture! It’s a gorgeous purple for fall and it’s one of my go-to’s.



“They’re Real” Eyeliner by Benefit



I adore anything and everything retro. Perhaps that’s why I sell vintage clothes! I love thinking about a simpler time when women dressed up just to go grocery shopping and men always looked dapper. I’ve been on a 50’s/60’s kick lately watching movies from Mona Lisa Smile to Stepford Wives. I’m not going to lie, it makes me want to doll myself up everyday in dresses and heels, put a turkey in the oven and out comes a five course meal. Sadly, I can barely fry an egg so that’s not going to happen anytime soon. What can happen is me perfecting my retro cat eye!

I was reading Lucky magazine recently and came across an ad for an eyeliner that creates a new way to perfect a thick stroke. It’s by Benefit and its called “They’re real!” I immediately went to Ulta and picked up a tube to give it a shot at home. It has changed my life! The eyeliner has a rubber tip that creates flexibility and you twist the bottom for the eyeliner to come out of the rubber tip. What I loved most is that it’s actual eyeliner. It’s not a liquid so it doesn’t shine in photos (I hate how liquid eyeliner does that!)

There aren’t many products that you can say “changed your life” (a little exaggerated… but how else do you word it?!) I can say the foundation brush and eyebrow pencil have, and now this eyeliner tube! I’m in love! Go try it out for yourself and see what you can do! Don’t hold back!



4 Ingredients Blueberry Cobbler









I am by no means a baker. I’m horrible at baking. Everything I make is either too sweet or not sweet enough. I just can’t seem to find the right balance! I know, I know…you totally want to make this cobbler now! Worry not, I did not create this recipe. I found it on Pinterest from and knew I could tackle a 4 ingredient cobbler. How hard can it be?! Besides baking the cobbler for 40 minutes, this recipe takes 5 minutes to prepare. If you’re in a holiday hurry or have guests arriving at your door any minute, this is your new go-to dessert! The great thing is you can add any fruit you like – apples, blackberries, raspberries.

My only recommendation is don’t add more than the recommended butter. I’m a southern gal and food can never have too much butter, but this recipe can! I learned the hard way – my cake batter did not become as crumbly as I would have liked. I had too much butter so it became more dough like. Luckily for me, it still turned out delicious and made the house smell good to boot! Enjoy!