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Acai + Raspberry Smoothie Bowl


I’m back at it with another smoothie bowl! These things are addicting I tell ya. Not only because they’re tasty, but also because you can make whatever your head dreams up. It’s like a blank canvas…for food!

I’ve been on a powder kick lately. I mean, if you’re going to make a smoothie, get the full benefit and add the important stuff, too! For my last smoothie, I used Spirulina powder. This time, I opted for Acai Berry powder which gives the body powerful antioxidants to fight off free-radicals!

1 tsp Acai powder + handful frozen raspberries + splash almond milk + 1 whole banana  = gives this smoothie bowl a beautiful mauve hue. I topped it with pineapple stars since i’m feeling a little patriotic with July 4 just weeks away!

Enjoy, friends.





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Spirulina Smoothie Bowl


For those of you who’ve been following my journey on Facebook, I recently quit my almost two year job to further pursue my career in social media management for small businesses. It’s already been a weird two weeks since I’ve left. Going from sitting at a desk for 8 hours of the day only to come home exhausted, not wanting to cook and using the weekends to get chores done is drastically different from waking up on your own time, setting your own hours, living in yoga pants, having time to cook every meal, and working from home. I love it.

So what does this have to do with a smoothie bowl?

This blog has been pretty silent for the past six months because of how busy work kept me. Now that I have more time and freedom, I hope to post more on here. Hence = smoothie bowl.



I recently heard about Spirulina, a little green superfood that does wonders for the body. It’s high in nutrients, has anti-cancer properties, reduces blood pressure, keeps you full and has been declared “best food of the future” by the World Health Organization. I found this amazing smoothie recipe on The Glowing Fridge using Spirulina and had to give it a taste! I purchased my Spirulina from here.


I didn’t change anything to Shannon’s recipe other than using raw banana instead of frozen banana (since I couldn’t find any frozen bananas!) I kept the frozen pineapple because it makes the smoothie extra cold. And I love topping it with frozen raspberries because they give such a beautiful color and taste. Lastly, I picked some flowers from my backyard and added a tiny garnish, which makes me very happy!



Visit The Glowing Fridge for the recipe. It’s so simple and tasty! Enjoy, friends!


First Time Home Owners!

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Homeowners?!?!?! WOAH. Just, woah.

It feels like yesterday when we were 19 year old teenagers giddy in love with $50 in our bank account and ramen noodles in the pantry. Now we’re grown adults going on 7 years strong with a mortgage under our belt.

WOAH. Just, woah.

Life has been so good to us this year. It has literally been the best.year.ever. and I’m trying to hang on to every fuzzy feeling for as long as I can.

Last week, we signed the papers for our new house. After several hand cramps and sloppy signatures, we were given a set of keys and we waisted no time to drive out to see our very first home. Grabbing the champagne and flutes out of the car, we walked into the home hand-in-hand like wide-eyed kids on Christmas day…only this was the best Christmas present EVER. We toasted to hard work, love and happy memories and walked into every single room discussing what we wanted it to look like. It was one of those memories that won’t ever be topped. I’ll never forget how excited we were on that day.

This Thursday marks one week in our new home and I honestly still can’t believe we have a house. We wake up grinning, making each other coffee and sitting on porch to watch the rain. We sweep the floors (hardwood, OMG! An upgrade from our apartment carpet!) at least twice a day and have already potted flowers for the porch and purchased a dining table. We just love being homeowners!!!!! Our house is super empty right now. We have bedrooms that will stay empty for a while until we can afford to put beds in them! But for now, I am loving the space and know that in time it will come together.

Halloween was the first holiday we’ve spent in the home (my favorite holiday!) and while we didn’t get to deck it out like we wanted, we’re reminding ourselves that there’s always next year. Our Halloween was filled with murder shows, Domino’s pasta (seriously, try it) and cinnastix, and bubble baths with beer. We’re classy like that.

Stay tuned for home decor and life in our new home!

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Albuquerque, New Mexico Balloon Fiesta Travel

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Albuquerque balloon fiesta blog post

Man, oh man. Never did I think I would fall in love with New Mexico like I did. It wasn’t a top place on my bucket list but when our friends invited us to join them to the balloon fiesta, we had to go! Now i’m smitten and can’t wait to go back.

We started the trip driving from Santa Rosa Beach (where we live) to New Orleans (where Frontier airlines departed from). From NOLA, we touched down in Denver where we stayed the night and drove 6 hours to Albuquerque. On the way to Albuquerque, we stopped at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs Great Sand Dunes National Park. Both must do’s! If you’re in Colorado Springs, PUH-LEASE stop at this drive through taco place. It’s called Taco Express and our chicken tacos were the BEST.

A key note about Frontier Airlines: not only does this airline have affordable airfare but also BRAND NEW airplanes. This was the nicest plane i’ve ever been on. I’m talking new seats and all. Also, the customer service was incredible. I would recommend them to anyone. We originally chose to fly with them because we saved money rather than flying out in our own city and we do not regret it. I want to fly with them everywhere!!

Our AirBnb was the absolute coolest, so if you’re planning on going to Albuquerque, you must stay here! The owners are some of the nicest people and will give you all kinds of recommendations as well as fresh empanadas from a restaurant down the street. This AirBnb was by far my favorite. It had so much history and charm with lace curtains, adobe walls, creaky old floors and really neat artifacts. I would stay here again and again! Photos don’t do justice (and you’ll read that in others comments!)

If you’re attending the balloon fiesta, chances are it will be a little nippy outside. Bring a jacket and a scarf! Also, it’s smart to bring cash because a lot of the food vendors don’t take cards. In addition, bring a blanket to sit on because there aren’t many picnic tables and they get taken up quick! Lastly, the best decision of the trip was riding bikes to the fiesta. So many people arriving by car missed the Dawn Patrol (when the first set of balloons go up at sunrise) because they were sitting in traffic. We bypassed ALL of those cars because we were on bikes and we got to park right outside of the park. It was seriously epic. Reserve your bikes way ahead of time because they book up fast. And don’t forget to get your tickets online! Keep them on your phone and someone will scan them when you enter the park.

New Mexico’s terrain is easily the most beautiful i’ve seen. It definitely ties with Jackson, WY. We hiked so many places on this trip: La Luz trail and Tent Rocks are two MUST SEES. You CANNOT leave NM without hiking them both. La Luz is very exhausting, steep and challenging so bring water, food, good shoes, thick socks and a jacket for when you reach the chilly top of the mountain (9 miles). The best part is you get to reward yourself with a beer at the restaurant on the tippy top! If you’re not hiking, there is a 15 minute tram ride to the top. We tried to eat after a long, long hike, but everyone who took the tram got to the tables before us …so the most we could do is get a beer. If you want to eat at the restaurant (small menu), reserve it ahead of time!

We also visited Santa Fe (a 2 hour road trip – highly recommend) where we ate at Santa Fe Bite (seen on Food Network). Such great burgers! Also, see the vendors on the town square. And Taos was our other road trip where we sipped beers in the middle of nowhere. SO MUCH FUN!!!

Ask away if you have any questions about New Mexico (Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Taos are the three towns we visited).



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Autumn Charcuterie + Ankit Vintage Lights






I AM OBSESSED with these twinkle lights from Ankit. If you’ve never heard of Ankit, they design the awesome accessories you see in Forever 21, Anthropologie, Nasty Gal, Nordstrom and so many more stores. These lights come in a variety of shapes and sizes – pizza, cats, roses – you name it, they have it! So in love with the idea of using these to decorate a holiday table, accent a wreath, fill in lanterns, so many ways to use them!

Lights, Ankit // Blanket, Target // Picnic basket, Peterboro